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Posted by Brad on November 09, 2000 at 18:41:50:

In Reply to: Acne and strength posted by Chris H. on November 09, 2000 at 18:20:26:

Well, I have been in the lifting/bodybuilding game for quite a while now and I really don't think there is too much of a connection between two- maybe coincidence but no real causality. Unless of course you are referring to individuals who are drugged up (steroids, etc), and then I would derfinitely say there is a connection. However, I really have never seen this observation personally and I don't think there is much scientific evidence to support it- other than theoretically perhaps. However, I myself have suspected that before (just out of curiousity and possibly theory), but all of my observations still make me very sure that lifting weights doesn't cause acne, or that excess acne is a sign of extra strength. I personally have lifted for several years now, and I have seen absolutely no connection between lifting and breaking out. Actually I have been extremely clear much of the time I was working out the most seriously, and broken out bad during long layoffs. I have also obsereved opposite results to some extent, but as much as I am concerned with my acne problem, I would not be making these comments or be as enthusiastic about lifting if I thought there was some solid relationship at all. I have also seen no trends among fellow lifters, whatever there age or level of training. Unless of course juice is involved (or similar substances), and then there is usually a huge connection. From all of the research I have done (and so forth) I would say it mostly depends on the individual and has more to do with how one's skin (oil glands, etc) responds to testosterone. If it is testosterone that your body is producing then there will probably be little to no change in how your body adjusts and reacts. Many people who from a bodybuilding perspective might appear to run short on testosterone production have quite severe acne- just as it is more related to how you react to what your adrenal glands do.

I wish I had some solid answers though... and even better yet, a solution for acne problems.


: Maybe it is just a coincidence, but it seems like people with most males with acne are stronger than those without it. Myself included, since I have started seriously lifting weights ... my muscles have responded extremely well, and I have grown muscle that I never would have thought possible before. Perhaps this is due to my overproduction of testosterone, leading to bigger gains. It seems like a lot of the guys I know who are really strong have at least some kind of acne, and the really weak guys have no acne. What do you people think?

: Chris

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