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Posted by Chris on November 10, 2000 at 19:16:28:

In Reply to: My input on it.... posted by Brad on November 10, 2000 at 19:08:51:

: I have the same problem as you guys I guess, and I also use a Norelco electric. My experience has been this: the Norelco shaves closer and is somewhat rougher on my skin in general (as you said, it 'eats your skin up'), but a regular blade is very likely to just plain cut lesions in two (some of my experiences were with the Mach 3 you mentioned). Personally, I prefer the Norelco to all others, even though it isn't just great and it is sorta tough on my skin (leaves a bit of razor burn on my neck if I overdo it). But while it does somewhat irritate my pimples, it is not NEAR as severe as others shavers/razors I have ever tried- I mean at least you don't have to worry about just plain cutting your pimples off (which ain't too fun, and they take forever to heal). The Norelco also shaves really close, so you might not have to shave as often, or can give your skin some time to heal if it needs it.

: Just my thoughts though. Hope it helps. Really any info from anybody else would probably be helpful to all of us. By the way, I shave dry as I believe that is the recommended approach for this type of shaver. Maybe washing my face with warm water and then drying it off would help loosen up the hairs and still make for a good electric shave??

: Later, BraD.

: :
: : Thats what i use too, a norelco reflex action or something like that i'm thinking about switching too a mach 3 becuase the electric seems to chew up my skin.. I'm not sure if a regular razor would work any better

: :
: : : yeah i use an electric shaver right now i'm trying to put shaving gel on it....see if it helps or not

I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM, where I shave is where I get the zits. What if you use depilatory lotion on your face????? did anybody ever do this? I hate shaving my face, and I really feel that this is the MAIN cause of my problem.....

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