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Posted by Mark on November 11, 2000 at 08:53:51:

In Reply to: has anyone experienced acne especially where they shave? posted by James on November 10, 2000 at 10:22:11:

Yes I know exactly what your going through,I had the exact same problem you probably have Folliculitis, a few things you DONT want to do is shave over the inflamation with a razor and run the risk of cutting them open,thats what I did and ended uo with scarring also DO NOT pluck them out!! Again you run the risk of scarring...What you might want to do is invest in a good electric shaver which does not break the skin ( a good one to try is Remington brands)the only thing that has really ever worked for me on a permanent basis is Accutane, I took it about 9 years ago and now I rarely break out anymore anywhere but ESPECIALLY aroung my jawline or beard area, it's great! Unfortunalty it is very expensive, but considering the large amount of money I spend on drug store and department store brand skin care items (well over $8,000.00) it was really worth it...good luck!! : Yeah if anyone can help me out with this......i don't feel like growing a beard :O) would look kinda funny.....but it seems like wherever my hairs come out of my chin.....there are these big bumps.....i guess acne since this puss comes out :O( they seem to get bigger and bigger.....inflammatory acne? any good suggestions for them? and how long it will take for them to disappear......i know popping them isn't good since they just seem to get redder.......and i read where you can make it worst.....since the blood will make it this true? :( i hate the underneath acne......i wish i had the "cystic ones" not the ugly big ones.......oh well heredity dad had alot..........dunno how long this "heredity" will last :(( but when i have a kid......i'm going to put him on something when he starts breaking out......i don't want him/her to go through what i do :(

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