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Posted by DEBBIE on November 12, 2000 at 11:39:45:

In Reply to: Re: To debbie posted by philly on November 11, 2000 at 21:08:27:

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: : : What herbs and vitamins are you taking now?.I was just wondering since I am taking milk thistle and chorophill for a month.
: : :
: : Vitamins: a multi without iodine plus extra a,b-6, (I did the pantothenic 5,000mg dy for 2 mths, but didn't see any improvement) Zinc,c,chromium gtf, evening primrose oil, flax oil. I took something called SKN-AV (herbal comb)a nutritionist told me to take to cleanse the skin from inside out and I just purchased milk thistle and red clover which I will start taking soon, after i finish these homeopathic pills I just started 5 days ago. I will keep you all posted. Most of the things I've taken are cleansing which initially makes you break out, which it did but only time will tell how it all works for me. I hope I can hold out that long. Trust me I still have thoughts of accutane running thru my head. How is the milk thistle and chloropyll working for you???
: I did have some breakouts on my skin but I think its due to my period(i just start taking it right before it).But after 2 weeks of taking my skin is looking better now.I am only taking milk thistle and chlorohill to cleanse the budy first and than I will start taking other vitamins.I also bought a juice maker so I drink it too and it gives me lot of vitamins and minerals.Milk thistle should clean your liver and chlorohill your blood.What red clover does?I've heard about it but forgot.What is combination of that herb comb?.I was looking to go to one of the nutritionists but don't know where to find one.
: I also believe in hatural approach and hope this works but it takes time.
: Also very important drink lots of water,I've heard, so the bad stuff doesn't stay in your body and maybe on your skin.let me know how all this works for you.thanks

You're right, the natural approach does take time. Red Clover is also a blood purifier and also good for skin disorders with antibiotic properties. I don't remember what was in the herbal comb., it was some ayurvedic herbs. I don't think it did much there are regular herb combination pills you can get in the health store (I like Vitamin Shoppe) from "Natures Way". I am also taking a homepathic remedy for acne I bought in the health store. I'll keep you posted on how everything is going, I think it's too early to tell. Oh, by the way I am also juicing everyday. Mostly greens for cleansing but I am gonna start doing more carrots.

Keep me posted on your progress with everything.


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