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Posted by MARK on November 13, 2000 at 22:54:52:

In Reply to: Re: Important info reg women who have acne and wear make up! posted by Stacy on November 13, 2000 at 07:02:24:

Hi Stacy,
Actually I know exactly what your going through, I actually have had 4 Chemical peels (TCA),Collagen Injections 4 times ,and Dermabrasion once and I can honestly say that all those things did VERY little to smooth my skin out the one thing that did do SOME good was Dermabrasion, but it was bloody and painful and wouldnt really recommend it! There is something new that is undergoing clinical trials at the moment and is now available in Europe and Mexico..It's called ARTECOLL and it is PERMANENT! It is an injectible collagen with microdroplets with the same substance made from contact is NOT rejected by the body and DOES NOT travel like silicon does so it appears to be very safe and furthermore it is expected to be approved by the FDA within the next few months..the costs are estimated to be about $400-$700 per cc and usualy one cc is all thats needed for the entire face (depending in how much scarring you have and how deep they are)...if you want you can look up Before and After pictures of patients who have been treated with ARTECOLL by simply typing in ATRECOLL in the search box on your internet web engine (YAHOO,GOOGLE,AOL ect.) Hope this helps you out! see ya!

:I have noticed several women asking questions reguarding what make-up would be best suited for acne prone skin, well I can honestly say that having worked for a Dermatologist for 8 years and doing EXTENSIVE research reguarding this matter I can give you some important info to help you make a decision reg this matter because alot of you are being LIED to by Dermatologists and cosmetic companies. First off I should tell you that packaging labeled NON-ACNEGENIC and HYPOALLERGENIC mean NOTHING, these are not medicaly recognized words according to the FDA and further more companies like Cover Girl put these terms on their packaging when in actuality they contain ingredients that can actualy CAUSE cloged pores and acne. For the most part you should AVOID products that contain the following ingredients - Lanolin, Isopropyl myristate,isopropyl palmitate (which are in MOST Cover Girl products) Some SAFER brands to try are Almay,Maybellene and Revelon (Colorstay oil-free is pretty safe) Clinique's Stay True base and Stay True powder, Lancome Maqui-control, Estee Lauder Demi-Matte and Enlighten Base make-ups, Bobbie Brown Oil-Free makeup, THE ONLY COVER GIRL FOUNDATION THAT IS SAFE FOR ACNE-PRONE SKIN is "BALANCED COMPLEXION" Also most people should know that Mineral-oil DOES NOT cause clogged pores or acne,It is a big MYTH, according to the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists mineral oil is COMPLETLY SAFE (however I still wouldnt recomend slathering it on your face, in cosmetics they should it should be fine..Hope this info helps some of you out there..if anyone has any specific questions reg cosmetics you can send me a reply in the form of a message and I'll post your answer.

: Mark,
: Do you by any chance know what is good for acne scarring. I had read that someone wrote that microdermabrasion did squat for their acne scarring. I would like to do something that has no down time. Thanks a bunch!

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