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Posted by Michelle P. on November 14, 2000 at 09:58:28:

In Reply to: losing my hope... posted by olin on November 14, 2000 at 05:10:46:

My Mom just turned 50 and still has acne. She never had cystic acne but was a "picker" and never went to the DR so she is full of scars. Her acne seems to be slowing down now, but she still breaks out and is very oily. My father, I have his skin, had cystic acne and also never went to the DR. His skin cleared up around age 30 (i'm 27) but I can't look forward to that since men are different from women and since my sis is 34 and still has horrid cystic acne. I have cleared my skin up using Tazorac (I was on Accutane twice but the acne came back) and am pleased with the results. I started using Tazorac late in June and have only gotten one hormonal type pimple that still will not heal. I am greatful that I have only gotten one blemish, if not for Tazorac I would have had many more by now. I am still dealing with oily skin and scars which make me very uncomfy with myself. Now that my acne is gone (except for that one spot but am going to the DR tomorrow for an injection) the scars feel worse to me than before..........

I look at my parents and my sister and now that I do not have to suffer like they did. They were too stubborn, or cheap, or scared to go to the DR. I go very often and am soooo pleased at the results.

I know that by the time my skin clears up 100% my sons may have issues and so the painful cycle will begin again for me. I am prepared to help them as I have learned to help myself even when my parents would not help me.

Accutane just may do the trick. My acne always cleared up while on it and for a short time after. My DR put me on it so I would be totally clear for my wedding day and I was! I was really scared to use Accutane since I am very careful what I put into my body like no meat, no caffeine, no pills, no milk (thanks Chris1) I said my acne came back but I will forever be greatful that I used it and for that time my skin was very clear. I am greatful to be on Tazorac and to have received all the wonderful advice and support from people on this board. I guess what I wanted to say is that I know how you feel and that you need to tell your DR your feelings about this. Let him/her know you feel discouraged and you want to fight this!

: I really don't know what to do..and nothing is working..I've been on Diane 35 for 4 months..everything is just getting worse.I am losing my hope..All the women in my family have acne.My mom is 46 years old and still getting pimples.I guess i will never get rid of this disease.No matter what i do.I've been on everything except Accutane.I consider taking Accutane and i will visit my derm on Friday and ask for Accutane.

: The hardest part is dealing with the rude comments of the other people.I don't know how to live like that..I get mad but i cannot say anything.I feel so hopeless..Well..just venting..(i really needed that..Thanks for reading)

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