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Posted by J on November 16, 2000 at 15:02:45:

Hi guys!!! I am very, very frustrated (can't stress very enough!)!! Anyway, two days ago I was diagnosed with Rosacea. I am 22 years old (23 in a week and a half). I am tired of this crap. My face right now looks and feels aweful. It is all broke out and red around my nose and moving up to my forehead. I can't stop it. I have realized I have had this problem for a long time. So each time it has erupted it has gotten worse. Of coarse, this is the worst I have seen it. I am now on monodox (doxycycline) oral, and metro cream topical (2 days). The only time it erupts is right around my period and then goes away when I finally get it. What is my problem? It only lasts about a week then goes away. Can any one explain why? I was on birth control for almost 8 years. A month ago I gave them up because I thought maybe the hormones in the pill were causing this. Well, I was way off!!! I am taking lots, and lots of vitamins a day. Nothing is helping. I got a glycolic peel today hoping this will help a little. It is the second one I have had. The first one seemed to help. But like I said it really just goes away on its own when I finally get my period. I stayed home from classes yesterday and today. I am embarrassed to be out in public. It looks like a rash, disgusting!!! Thanksgiving is in a week and I want to look good. My friends and relatives will be around. I just want to hide. Any advice you can give me?

Anyone else with rosacea, what do you do? Do you have the breakouts under control? If so, how? I'm having a real problem dealing with this, and the fact I will have it the rest of my life. I am very happy in my life, and to have something like this is devistating (sp?) me. I would like to some day get married and have children. What man wants a women that will break out the rest of her life?

The derm today told me that the med's I am on now will take 4-6 weeks to see if they really will work. I hate that when they tell me that. Don't they understand how hard this is? I go to bed at night and in the morning I wake up to a new eruption. I just want to cry. I have already cried about this, I know it won't do me any good. If anything, it is more stress and makes more eruptions. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!

I have a few more questions ... will sitting in a sauna help? How about icing my face?

God, any advice will be so helpful to me.

Thanks for reading!!


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