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Posted by Sam 2 on November 17, 2000 at 11:52:01:

Ok, this is my accutane story and update. Within the first two weeks on the stuff my face cleared up so nicely. Then on the third week I started to get those big undergrounders. I used to get tons of small ones before. Anyway, this breakout lasted from week three to about week six when I started to notice a very slight improvement. Well, not so fast. I am now on week seven and am still getting quite a few zits. It is really getting me down. They just keep poping up lesft and right. When will it end? One day I think I am doing pretty good and the next day I think to myself, how could I breakout so bad just after feeling so good. Now I am only on 20mgs, could this make the clearing process slower, or does it just mean I will have to be on the treatment longer? I think my doc is going to bump me up my next appointment in two weeks. So anyway, on top of the acne that I am still tragically getting, I have thousands, I know exagerating, of scars. Not the pitted ones but the red marks. So those look awefull. They are just about as bad as the acne. I feel totally ugly and diseased right now. Its like I want to get angry at something or someone, but I can't. I mean who could take the blame for my woes. It just sucks. Why do I have this? Do I diserve it or something? Anyway, that is what I always think to myself. I am sorry this is so long. I just needed to fent my frustrations and you guys are the only people that really understand. I really hope this accutane stuff starts to really work soon. It you are on accutane, please give me an update on your experience with it. You know like when you started to clear. If you are still breaking out pretty bad. All that good stuff. Thanks for listening.
Sam 2

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