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Posted by Jalyn on November 27, 2000 at 11:14:37:

In Reply to: Re: Ortho Tri-cyclene....Please reply, ladies : ) posted by April on November 26, 2000 at 10:39:29:

: Jalyn and Everyone,

: I got on Ortho because I needed to get back on the pill. I chose this one because of all the ads and commercials (I won't do that again before research!!). My skin type is SUPER pale and sensitive, but I don't have THAT much of a problem with acne. It has subsided substantially from teen to 20. It is because my skin is so pale that ANY marks show up so easily. I wear Eucerin alpha hydroxy spf 15 under my makeup every day. (I refuse to let any sun in!!!) I just want to be one of those girls who dont have to hide behind makeup without feeling insecure (Dont we all)!!!! I am hoping this Ortho works, although as I said, I haven't looked this bad in a long time. I am going back to my Gyno on the 30th of this month, so I will ask her what she thinks will work best for me (as should have asked before!). Now that I am hearing about this lovely thing called Diane 35, I may have to look into it! To answer your question though, No, I have not used accutane at all...I haven't really tried to many things other than over the counter topical crap. If you have any other suggestions for my skin type, please email me, or let me know on here! Thank you very much everyone for all your help!!!!!

: April ; )

: : Hi April,
: : Glad I could help. By the way I have super pale skin myself so I definetly can relate
to what you said about the marks showing up more. Like I said before, my acne really isn't that bad but a few years back it was worse. My derm prescribed accutane 40mg/day for 5 months and ever since then my skin behaves( well most of the time anyway). I will be trying the Diane35 for those annoying monthly breakouts. I'm crossing my fingers that I get the good results that others have gotten. I do have a question for you just out of curiosity- What products do you use on your face presently? Talk to you soon.

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