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Posted by Bleee on November 28, 2000 at 15:35:35:

In Reply to: Someone just please help me posted by Steve on November 21, 2000 at 13:43:32:

Hi Steve. Well, I want to share my story with you; yours touched me so much.

I got acne in 6th grade. No, let me go further back. I come from an abusive household. My father was an alcoholic and had alot of other problems. My mother didn't stand up to him b/c she feared her life. I went through this everyday. In 6th grade I developed acne; by 8th grade it took over every centimeter of my face. Who did I have to thank for this? Of all people, my messed up father. I had huge cysts, huge whiteheads that would protrude a meter from my face. And they were everywhere - chin, cheeks, nose, forehead, the cheeck area right next to your nose, along the hair line, etc. So, here I was, already having trouble with self-esteem and this hits. Well, I suffered. No friends (I really think it was more my attitude than my actual skin, b/c I knew other people with acne and they had ample people to call friends. I think I just sort of gave up on human contact.) People laughed at my acne; they asked me what kind of pizza was my favorite (expecting "peperonni" as a response;) they gawked at me in public, they would wonder: "How can she have all those disgusting things on her face?" And I really thought I couldn't help it. I, too, believed the school nurse: "It will pass when you grow out of your teenage years." It's really hard having everyone around you invited to a party, or the beach or where ever, and you know they purposely invited everyone in front of your face so that you would know that it was you, specifically, that they didn't want to invite. And the thing is, I am pretty. Before 6th grade, adults said I had such nice cheekbones, and would grow to look so beautiful, bla bla bla. I also have a nice body; I suppose acne is just my bane. So, depressed and with no friends, I sought solitude. At school, instead of fraternizing with the opposite sex, or chatting it up with the girls, I concentrated on the class lesson. During study hall, I read. After school, I read and did school work. Since I wanted solitude and since books didn't show people with clear skin as did tv, I assumed learning my favorite activity.

I'm now attending Harvard and just got accepted into Oxford's graduate program. When I got in, nobody congratulated me; nobody cared. But that's allright, because I care. Now my acne's starting to subside b/c I adopted this whole different regime of living - I adopted a whole different eating program without sugar, dairy, or meat and with alot of veggies and some fruit. I'm so thankful that it's working. My acne is definitely hormonal and Cystic. Now my life is starting to come together. And the people back at home may never care; but that's allright, because I do care, and I will grow out of this acne state and end up completely successful while everyone else lives it up back at home, working at supermarket and WalMart chains.

The thing is, I know that had I NOT had Acne, I would not be here, b/c I would have spent all my free time with friends doing all those other things. My sister doesn't suffer acne at all; that's what she did with her high school years; she's now in community college. So, yeah, high school is four years where you should have fun and enjoy yourself, but if you can't, remember, you have 50+ years to do what you want while your acne starts to subside. (I'm not saying you have to be a hermit in high school to become successful, but it doesn't hurt if you know how to use your time.) I'm serious; don't give up hope. Try changing your diet. I found that for cystic acne, that's the only thing that works. There's some sort of imbalance in the body that creates cysts. Think of it: you don't think dirt and bacteria from the outside cause you to get a zit that deep in your skin, do you?

Well, I've written enough. If you're interested in my exact regime, I'll be happy to post it. It's quite strict; but that's a small price to pay for getting back my life. This time last year, I just sat in my room, asking "Why, why why???" Now, I feel so good.

Take Care of yourself. Sorry this was so long; I do empathize with you. But empathy won't do much unless you can change your acne situation, huh? Good luck.

:) Bleee

: Ok Ive been having this problem for about 2 1/2 years now, about when my acne came about. When I wake up in the morning, I feel totally disgusting and that I have to take a shower right away. I just feel gross. I dont like anything really touching my face or anything like that, and I have the same problem when I get home from school, or any other activity that I have to wake up in the morning for. I was wondering if anyone else out there has had that problem, and if so, is it because of the acne? Also, I have many prescriptions for my acne, but Im afraid to use any of them (about $400 worth) because Im scared they will dry my skin out EVEN MORE. It is SO frustrating, what are some good facial moisturizers for people with very dry skin. And one more question. I have been using Sulfur soap for about 3 months now, and it has kind of helped, most of the bumps are gone, but there are still some left, but what Im having a hard time with is the red dots and redness in general that is under my skin. For the most part my skin is rather smooth, except for some bumps, but those red marks just will not go away, espically this one pimple that just wouldnt leave so I did remove it myself, but you can still see what it left behind As soon as someone could help me with a moisturizer I could start taking some of the medicine I spent so much money on. Ive been battling this acne for, like I said, about 2 1/2 years, and I must say, they are the worst years of my life, being that it just flamed up right after my father died. So Im not only depressed about that, I am also severely depressed about my acne, you wouldnt believe me if I told you what I think it did to my life. I dont go to a lot of places because of it. I dont like to go to school because of how I will feel when I get home, and how I feel while in school. I feel gross and digusting like I said before, I wonder if anyone is looking at my face, I wonder that since it feels very dry, am I peeling? Can anyone see it? I dont like going because I DO like girls, and I would like to get a pretty girlfriend, but what girl wants a guy with acne? Its just so overwhelming. Now I dont really go to school, and I am thinking about joining the armed forces just to get away because now I am a high school drop out, have no job, and dont really have anything for the future. I genuinely believe this is all because of my acne, and if I could just make it go away I would just be so much happier in general. Well there it is, some of the things I go through every day. If anyone has any advice, or anything please post it, I really need some help here. Thanks for listening.

: Steve

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