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Posted by Shaq on December 18, 2000 at 14:45:13:

I am 24 yrs old and consider myself very healthy. I work out regularly 4-5 times per week. I had mild acne as a teenager that was no big deal. It went away. Then for about 10-11 years, I have had virtually perfect skin. Recently a got married in my motherland and returned home about 9 months ago. Upon returning I began to have mild acne. It became worse as each month progressed. I was taking supplements for bodybuilding such as protien, creatine, amino acids, and androstene. I stopped them all. There was no improvement. Finally I went to see my doctor. I was put on VIT A-Acid Gel. Worked for 6 weeks, then returned. Then Minocin and Dilusol. Worked for a while then again back to square one. Finally he put me on Accutane, advised me of the risks and told me that it has a very good chance of working. The side effects though are relentless. I had done enough research about it on my own, and so decided to take it. I am in my 2nd month, its started to worsen, but apperently its all part of the plan. However I had noticed though that I had been more stressed in those 8 months then any other time of my life. My job was literally killing me psycologically. Everything seemed to stress me out. Finally I decided to quit my job. Found a better job that is less stressful and I am happier. As for the accutane, I will finish the course. But I think that because in the next few months I will begin to relax mentally, I will overcome it. Mind you my acne is very mild, but enough to bother me. It almost took over me, but accutane gave me a jump start to positive thinking. It also reminded me that no medicine will work if you don't help it work, emotionally by applying positive thinking. Remember The body is the slave of the mind

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