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Posted by Shaq on December 18, 2000 at 14:53:51:

In Reply to: Healthy mind, body & spirit for Healthy Skin posted by Nancy H on December 17, 2000 at 06:34:19:

There is no better cure than what you have prescribed.....great job!!

: Hi everyone

: I am 33 years old. I developed severe adult acne after the birth of my daughter 7 yrs ago. I now have a blemish-free complexion. I'd like to share the secrets of my success story. I hope it helps you too.

: #1 - WATER, WATER, WATER... Water is essential to skin's health and unblemished appearance. Water helps circulation, bringing vital nutrients to your skin and washing away toxins that can clog pours. Water is your skin's best friend !! (Supermodels don't drink 3 liters of water per day for no reason !!)
: #2 - EAT NUTRITIOUS FOODS... A healthy body is needed for healthy skin. Nutritious foods provide needed vitamins and minerals. Over-indulging in foods/beverages that can dehydrate you (alcohol, caffeine, salt, etc.) may interfere with circulation and remember, water is skin's best friend.
: #3 - EXERCISE... Exercise makes your skin look good too! The increase in circulation brings nutrients and water to your skin cells as well as antioxidents and white blood cells that help rid your body of acne-causing toxins. Also, exercise relieves stress... stress causes hormone surges in men, women and teens, which in turn can cause acne break-outs.
: #4 - GET ENOUGH SLEEP... If you don't get enough sleep, you will be irritable. That is not only stressful to others but to your own well-being too. Your circulation will be sluggish and you will feel stressed. This stress can cause hormone surges too.
: #5 - POSITIVE ATTITUDE - Trite, but true! If you feel better about yourself, your body's health will follow. Mind over matter is so very true. Find something that makes you feel HAPPY... art, writing, reading, music, exercise... whatever, and do it! You must ELIMINATE STRESS!!
: #6 - GENTLE CLEANSING - Use only mild cleansers on your face. Harsh anti-acne scrubs and astringents can do more harm than good in most cases. I use only Neutrogena and Oil of Olay lotion. Witch Hazel is a cheaper and milder form of astringent if you must use one. (I and my dermatologist don't recommend them.)
: #7 - VITAMIN E - If you have leftover blemishes or scarring, Vitamin E applied topically can help or eliminate the redness and damage. Use the Vitamin E gel caps that you can buy in any pharmacy, pin-prick the gel cap, apply the sticky Vitamin E gel onto your gentily cleansed skin with your clean finger. (Bacteria clogs pores) Leave on overnight. It really helps!!
: #8 - STAY OUT OF THE SUN - I know a tan can make you look better temporarily, but it actually can aggrevate acne in the long run. The sun damages skin cells... including the pores that can clog, causing acne. Also, skin cancer is even uglier than acne.
: #9 - KNOW WHEN TO SEE A DOCTOR - Not all acne cases require a doctor's attention. Often, what I recommended above will see results. But if after 2-3 months of "healthier habits" doesn't show an improvement, and your acne makes you feel sad, then visiting a dermatologist may be a good idea. BE INFORMED BEFORE SEEING A DOCTOR! If you are well informed, then you can ask the right questions and you can make decisions about your health and well-being together.

: I followed my own advice. I did require medical intervention for my acne. I now take birth control pills, Minocycline, and Clindamycin lotion. These three drugs and taking care of my health and well-being have eliminated my acne problems.
: But, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT... you may not require medication or you may need something different. Only you and your doctor can make that determination.

: No matter what your acne problem, the advice I have given WILL HELP !!!! It's just common "good health" advice. I just wrote it all here in one message.

: Be healthy... you'll look better too.

: Good Luck !!

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