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Posted by Chris Godfrey on December 16, 1999 at 02:31:17:

In Reply to: Re: ADD and Depression posted by Robin on November 25, 1999 at 23:55:52:

: : My son was diagnosed with ADHD 3.5 years ago and was treated with Ritalin successfully for the last 2 years, then began to decline to respond to the drug. In Sept we attempted a trial with Dexidrene with ablolutely NO change. He lacks any productivity in school and the desire to participate, feels isolated, and basicly most of symptoms an ADHD child would display. I took him to a child psychologist who has now also diagnosed him with depression and has prescribed effexor. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I am open to ideas and looking for more resources for info! All though I don't doubt that drug treatment may be successfull, I am still more reluctant to try home remedies!! Thanks. Kat

: Kat,
: My niece had been on Ritalin for 3 years and it also became ineffective on her. We have now switched to Adderall. So far we have had good luck with it. After about 2 years on Ritalin she was also diagnosed with Depression. Our Psychologist said that Ritalin can enhance depression and depression can enhance ODD, which she also has. They started her on Wellbutrin. She has done alot better since she started the antidepressant. Now that she is on Adderall and the antidepressant things seem to be looking up for her. She has gotten some good reports from school and her behavior at home has improved. I'm hoping this will continue. Just don't give up, there is always hope. These kids are great kids, we adults just need to help them find the right combination of love, medicine and behavior modification.
: Hope this helps
: Robin

I am an adult ADhd. I have an extreme case of ADD and have done a good bit of research on it since learning four years ago I was not lazy,stupid, or slow. I was on Ritalin for a year with little R no results. I have now been put on aderall and still haven't found the medicine for me. I know its out there and I as well as U will find it. Depression is usually a passenger on the ADD bus. They usually go together due to the low self esteem and chemical imbalance that people with ADD have. From someone who has been in a mental hospital for more than a few times. I have one recommendation. Don't allow your child to be around NEGATIVE people R situations. Staying positive and putting your child in a positive atmosphere can greatly help them. Good luck.......:o)

In Christ Name,

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