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Posted by debbie on December 20, 1999 at 08:38:56:

In Reply to: Re: 8 year old with ADHD posted by Penny Sloop on November 23, 1999 at 14:17:59:

: : I just came across this board. I have an 8 yr. old boy with ADHD. He was diagnosed when he was 4 and first put on Dexedrine. This turned him into a zombie. So I had him taken off of it on put on Ritalin. Typical dosing, ya know. Well, he had no appetite on it. He wouldn't eat. They kept adusting the dose, but no good. Then he was put on Cylert. This seems to help the appetite, but I was'nt told that it could effect his liver. He has to have his blood drawn and his liver enzymes checked quite often to make sure this med is not hurting it. I have been throught 3 different doctors and the subject of changing him to Adderill has also come up. I am concerned about all these drugs. The Cylert seems to help him and he is below the full doseage that can be given, but I am very worried about the effects it can have on his liver. I also don't want him to loose his appetite again if placed on a different drug. Does any one have any good advice? I do know for sure that the meds are not the cure. The gap has to be filled with structured classes and home and positive influence from home and teachers. He has a big self esteem problem (lack of) and that most of these children will have it. I have had some good sources and help from certain doctors, but it seems like when it comes to the meds., they have this attitude that we should just switch them and maybe that will help. There a very few choices med wise that we have. Adderill and some form of anti-depressant? Nothing like doping your kid to death. I would like some good reliable source that understands where we are coming from. If I had my choice he wouldn't be on drugs at all, but I do have to admit the Cylert works. But not at the price of his liver, is it worth it.

: : Can anybody help?

: : Thanks so much for your time!

: : Jill Frank

: Jill;
: My son, also 8, was diagnosed very early. He was medicated at 3 but it was evident as early as six months. Then of course he was extremely adorable
: and I couldn't imagine changing anything about him. At about 2 years of age I started asking about docs who treat ADHD. The one I chose specializes in ADHD, his son also has it. When he started kindergarten I took him to a psychologist for advise on school/behavior related issues. When choosing a psychologist I also made sure he had a positive attitude about ADHD and individuality. The absolute worse thing that can happen is for a child to be treated simply by diagnosis, especially in school. Jesse is now in second grade and this year has been a real milestone for him. In K5 and 1st grade I never discussed his report card because I didn't want to discourage him. In previous years he made D's and U's. When he got his first report this year I was anxious to share it with him. He only had one U for handwiritting, this was no suprise because he has a severe fine motor deficit for which he receives OT and is being taught keyboarding. For math and reading he got C's and an A for spelling. On his second report he had a B for reading, I think the school is begining to understand how to teach him.
: Some of the best information on ADHD came from the OT who treated him. A great resource for ADHD and school is, they have tons of info online and an 800 phone number for personal questions. Rather than buying expensive books search the web and take advantage of its vast wisdom.

Hell, we were told when my son was in frist grade that he was ADHD and this was after he slammed a kids hand in a door at school.
You have a good attiuded on this. the one thing i keep telling my son is its not his fault that he is they way he is.
Carl was on meds for years he is now 14, and we have had to put him in a mental hospital because his temper was so bad, but he also has bipolor and few others as well.
when you look into a school be careful, i had alot of schools that says that they can handle kids like them and then i get a call and he has done something wrong. My school dist. finally looked at me and told me that Carl needs to go into a BD class. I did not want my son to be labled. But thank god i did put him in this class.
This yr Carl made horon roll. And he is still in a BD class. This class is smaller and they work at there own pace. there is one thing that people have not mation. that kids with ADHD also has a learning problem as well. Carl is in 8 grade and in a 3rd grade reading. They are smart people. but like i tell my son. to get the info from his brain to his month and hands is where we are having trouble.
good luck hope we can talk on line sometimes

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