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Posted by debbie on December 20, 1999 at 08:59:25:

In Reply to: Re: ADHD and corporal punishment @ school posted by Jennifer Williams on October 12, 1999 at 19:58:13:

: : What state, what school? I'm pretty certain that this is illegal. It's definatly child abuse.
: : Do uou have a PTA, they may be a great asset.
: : Their current focus is children and violence and we all know that violence breeds violence.
: :I would contact your local police department and children's services board, social services and human services dept's. Certainly SOMEONE should be able to help you! If this had been YOU leaving a mark on your child, they would have been on you quicker than you could blink your eyes! So it's definately not okay for them to do this!

: :
: : : I have a problem.My 8 year old son who has ADHD and LD was resently disiplined at school with corporal punishment. I even signed a paper at the beggining of this school year that I did not agree or want corporal punishment to my child that if anytime he needed disiplined that I wanted to be called and then together the school and I would decide what to do. They did not do this and my son came home so upset and told me that he got a pop at school. I was so upset that this happened and he did not tell me until right before he went to bed so I did not even think about seeing if they had left any marks on him until the next day when he told me how bad it hurt. I then made him let me look and this was a day later and there was a bruise the size of for example if you put your two thumbs together and your two index fingers together and make a circle on his little cheek. I had just had a ARD meeting that very day and we all discussed that my child was having difficulties and was very frustrated with himself because he could not do the work and that maybe he might need more help or more special education help, and then he gets a pop for cheeting, and it wasn't from cheeting off of another persons work even, they where grading their own work and he wanted to get one right and was eracing the answer and putting the correct answer on one when the teacher caught him. This has just blown me away and do not know what to do or where to turn for help with this if anyone knows what to do or where I can find help with this please help! Thanks!

This type of thing makes me so mad. My son has ADHD and the school did the same thing. I was finally able to put him in a BD class. These classes are good for kids with ADHD, they are smaller and they do not do what they did to your son. My son wass taking out of school because he bit and kick the teacher and princal. well when we had the meeting i found out why. the school told me that they know how to handle kids like him.
well my son was on the floor just planing with his shoe string, he was not brothering anyone. the teacher told him to stop and he did not so they picked him up by his feet and arms and carried him out. when i found this out i told then they got what was coming to them.
My son is 14 and i have gone through hell and back with the schools. but we found a school that cares.
If you want to try this, even if its not in your school disctract the school still has let him go..he will be bused ....
try it and see what happens. give him a chance to do good in school.
My son made all A'S AND B'S this year.
good luck. if you need to talk about this email me

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