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Posted by Mary on December 20, 1999 at 10:49:28:

In Reply to: Add & Homework posted by Theresa on December 20, 1999 at 07:30:36:

: I just posted a few days ago and here I am posting again- I just found this message board and think it is a great help to people with questions!! Well my concern is homework. How do any of you with young add/adhd children go about doing homework? My daughter is in kindergarten. I don't know if they just ask too much of kids now a days or not, but my daughter is starting to read, and write already. She has such a hard time reading. (they are working on 3 letter words- cat, bat, bug, rug., ect..). My husband and I sit down with her for literally an hour trying to teach her to no avail. She has such a large class- 25 other kids and I feel she doesn't get the attention she needs in school so I teach her at home as well. Anyways, we can tell her that "at" spells at 5 times and then ask her what "at" spells and she just cannot tell us!! Oh We both get so frustrated. I know she is not paying attention and I get mad at her but should I? What if she really can't help it? Does anyone have any suggestions on #1 ways to go about getting her homework through to her and #2 dealing with her not paying attention. Any feedback will be appreciated.

go to for some excellent suggestions on this. As for the paying attention while you help with homework that I have very few suggestions other that a quiet setting without any siblings around to bug her. Maybe some music in the background if you think this might help. Since you have a computer why not purchase reader rabbit ready for letters and reader rabbit one. Both of these are great for helping with the three letter word recognition etc. E-mail me at [email protected] if you have other questions or just want to chat. My fourth grade son was diagnosed with ADD last January so I am in and have been in your spot as far as dealing with all of these things. Also your school HAS to provide extra services for your daughter in accordance with the american disabilites act so talk to your school and insist that they provide her with the extra help she needs if they are not already doing this. If they don't provide her with the extra services she needs I wouldn't hesitate to contact someone from the american diabilites act and let them know that your school is not giving her the help she needs. My sons school is great and made sure I was given a copy of the american disabilites act etc so that they were in full compliance with it. Good Luck.

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