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Posted by Knute on December 28, 1999 at 17:41:09:

In Reply to: ADD- diagnosis and private school accommodations posted by penny on December 28, 1999 at 12:05:01:

I'm not sure of waht "sort of diagnosed" means. My own experience is that either you are diagnosed or you aren't. If your daughter is not diagnosed or if you want a 2nd opinion, many hospitals offer multidisciplinary assessments of children where they are checked out for ADD and other learning disabilities. This is what I would seek in your case.
As far as I know scans (sPECT and MRI) are generally not used in clinical diagnosis. They are only used experimentally.
As far as school goes, I would sit down with your school's sped ed people and discuss your daughters case to see if she should be classified. In my state (NJ) the public school board provides special ecucation for private schools. Also, your daughter may find a tracker helpful. A tracker is a daily list of assignments each teacher signs to be sure she has her assignment. She goes to each teacher after school to have her tracker initialed. You would initial each assignment before she leaves in the morning. I hope this helps. Knute.f her need for medication; the psychological assessment battery doesn't convince him. Meanwhile, my daughter continues to suffer and her self-esteem is going loer by the minute! Help! Also, she attends a private catholic school who gives her constant Saturday detentions because she forgets to have her tests signed and brought back to school. Most of the time the tests are grade A or B! She simply forgets either to bring it home, have it signed, or bring it back. Since the school is aware of her ADD- her memory is documented to be a problem- is it fair , or more importantly- detrimental to her self-esteem to continously "punish" her for what they call a violation of school rules? How should I address this situation? Thanks!

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