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Posted by Knute on December 31, 1999 at 11:52:51:

In Reply to: Increasing meds myself posted by Theresa on December 30, 1999 at 08:31:24:

Why don't you call the doctor's office and leave that question for the doctor to call you back with? It is a simple yes or no answer and a quick call would suffice. While postponing the appointment is reasonable, your daughter should not have to wait a month to answer a medical question which you need to know now. If the doctor is away for several days there should be a backup physician on call who can look at your daughter's records and give an answer. If you get no answer until next month you might discuss the problem your doctor being unavailable with him the next time you see him. This could be much worse. supposing the dose were too high and you were put off a month before it could be reduced? This is the kind of issue ADD parents would with all the time and you need to pursue it to develop your own advocacy skills if for no other reason.
As a lay person I would not advise you one way of the other because my guess is not what you need. However if you want do understand your daughter's medicine, you should go to your public library and look it up in "Physicians' Desk Reference" and similar books, photocopy the reference and keep it. You also should keep a log of your daughter's behavior on and off Adderol. Keep the log long enought to get a real picture of how her behavior changes. Then, when you go to your doctor, you know exactly how to describe the behavior to him. I like to keep this kind of informantion in a ring binder.
Keep yp the good work, Knute.: My daughter was put on adderall to help her stay focused. She was only put on 2.5 mg as #1 she is only 5 years old and #2 she is really sensitive to all meds. She had a doctor appt. on 1/6 to see how she was doing and increase dosage if needed. The doctors offoce just called yesterday and said they had to reschedule her appt. Needless to say, the new appt is close to a month away! (I hate doctors!). Anyways my question is I do see a change in her with the meds, but not enough. Would it be safe for ME to increase her from 2.5 mg to 5 mg and tell the doctor when I go to the new appt? She only takes it once a day in the morning.

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