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Posted by Mary on January 02, 2000 at 17:37:13:

In Reply to: Brother no longer needing medication? posted by Lila on January 02, 2000 at 03:10:47:

: My brother and I both were diagnosed with ADHD as children. My little brother grew into a problem child. He began drinking a little bit, smoking a bit, smoking pot a bit, and as we found out later, doing speed as well. He convinced himself that he is an alcoholic, addicted to cigarettes, and a drug addict at the age of 15. After two instances where he ran away, my parents had him arrested and put into the the California Juvinile system. He is currently in a group home/rehab facility, and I have concerns about the true current status of his "ADHD." They have him on a medication, I'm not sure what the name of the drug is, but it's a medicated form of speed.I'll post a follw-up when I talk to my mother and find out what it is. As we all know, drugs used to calm those with ADHD cause hyperactivity in those not afflicted with the disorder. Well, apparently, this drug that is supposed to calm him, is making him wired. So wired in fact, that they have to give him a very strong sleeping pill in order to force him to go to sleep at night. Is it just me, or does it sound like he doesn't need the medication anymore? My theory is that my brother, having been on medication for ADHD all of his life, has convinced himself subconciously that he still needs the medication, when in reality he does not. I feel that my mother should authorize a placebo, so that my brother thinks he's getting his meds, and see what happens. My mother refuses, even though my cousin thinks the same thing that I do, and we are both trying to convince her. I think that she's so adjusted to the idea that her sons problem is that he has ADHD, that she is frightened by the idea that he may no longer be, and that someone screwed up somewhere along the way. Does this idea make sense? Is it possible that it's all in his head now?

I think all of this should be handle by his doctor. Whether or not he needs the medication is something his doctor would be able to decide. Yes you can be come addicted to anything so that you think you need to have it but with ADD and ADHD these medical conditions and only your brother knows exactly what he is feeling. Placebo's are not what your brother needs. He needs proper treatment be it medical or psychological. Perhaps he needs more testing too to be sure he doesn't have some other problems causing some of this. Hope this helps some.

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