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Posted by Kathy on January 06, 2000 at 21:58:29:

In Reply to: Re: Teenage boy with ADD posted by Toad on December 02, 1999 at 00:16:03:

: Colleen,
: I am a parent with two adhd kids and have add myself. I can empathize with your son. I suggest you get more people at the school envolved. We just had a meeting with my daughters teacher, the teachers aid, the district phsychiatrist, and the district diagnostition. I did not like the way things were being handled the the phsychiatrist agreed. We now have a game plan and I will make sure they stick to it. Like your son, I don't have very good penmanship. I learned to print everything in high school or no one could read my papers. If your son does better on a word processor, he should be allowed to use it, unless of course the class is a penmanship class. the school is there for him to learn and frustrating him is not the way to make it happen. A friend of mine says the schools are reguired to give each child a free and appropriate education. Appropriate is different for many kids and they should make concesions when needed and possible. Also, check with CHADD. There may be some issues with the Americans with Disabilities act that can help you in this. Stay on the teachers and administrators. They work for you and your child. I hope this helps.

: Good luck,
: Toad
I too have a 13year old boy that was diagnosed
with adhd. I have tried everything possible and
things are still rough. My son and I lost his
father and my husband to a very rare disease.
Dustin was only 7 at the time his dad died.
We then lost his cousin, who was only 10 unexpectedly. they were like brothers. Then my mother died this was all in a couple of years.
At the school Dustin goes to I have had many
conferences with his teachers,but they just do not
seem to understand his problem. He has seen a
phycologist and it did help for a while. he was
put on ritilan but this made him violent.
I can sympathize with you on everything. I am
engaged and my fiance has a hard time with understanding the problem. This makes things very
difficult for me. Dustin is now taking paxel for
depression and I worry so much about him.
I work in the elementary school and he is in the
junior high. I keep in contact with the counselor and try to keep them informed on how he is doing
on the new medicine. I hope that someday someone
can teach the teachers how to handle the children
with adhd or add. I am going to keep pushing to
get his teachers to work with him,but I dont know
if this will help him make it through 7th grade.
please someone contact me through the group!
I really do need some help in any way.

Thank you

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