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Posted by Audra on January 08, 2000 at 09:52:01:

In Reply to: Re: Any help that anyone can give. posted by Cathy on November 09, 1999 at 23:19:00:

: : My daughter is 8 years old and was just diagnosed with ADD Inattentive type. She has no other learning disabilities. I have suspected something was wrong since she was in first grade and I was constantly told that she was just immature. We moved to a new school district this year and her teacher pointed out that she might have an attention problem. I noticed it too. For years I noticed it - but the people who were with her everyday failed to give me any help - until now. I am now trying to decide whether or not to medicate her. We just got her first report card and she is seriously below average. I've tried everything at home. I don't know what else to do for her. I know she is a smart girl when she can fully concentrate on the task at hand. If anyone has any input or information or advice, I could really use it.

: I have done a lot of research on this topic. I also had my son on Ritalin for about two years. Resently I went to hear a medical doctor speak about natural alternatives. The research he has done states that a very high percentage suffer from parasites, leaky bowel or yeast. You would be supprised at the number of people who have parasites. The doctors usually test for parasites by taking a bowel sample. Parasites as the name suggests live in the bowel and attach themselves to the walls and never come out in the fecal matter. If they do there is a huge infestation. Check these things out. Good luck.

I have a son with the same signs - bright but immature. I am guessing that according to your email your daughter is in at least the second grade. We knew early on with our son that we would hold him back from starting school when he was first able. He turned 7 in Aug'99 and is now in 1st grade. With his birthday in Aug, he barely made the cut off anyway. Although it may be difficult for you - you may want to consider holding your daughter back a year - it does wonders for their self confidence when they have a chance to be at the top of the class instead of the bottom. I know our son would be suffering greatly if we had pushed him forward when he was not ready. Fortunately for us, holding boys back comes as a suggestion more often than with girls and the choice was not that painful. To do it now would be better than say, 5 years from now when the friends she has established are more cemented and she feels more peer pressure to succeed. Also - my question re: "natural alternatives" would be "does your daughter exhibit any signs of allergies?" - if your daughter has any allergic reactions to grasses, weeds, trees, etc. I would caution against these alternatives. Persons with these types of allergies can have sometimes have adverse reactions to the "natural alternatives". Read all labels. Hope this helps - good luck!

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