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Posted by petunia on January 13, 2000 at 21:53:09:

My daughter is ADHD and Bipolar, so is her dad. Her dad wasn't diagnosed untill he was 33 with both. We got her diagnosis (ADHD) at age 4 and (bipolar) at age 6. WE have been through so many up and downs, mostly downs. I have found many activities to boost her self esteem and relieve some of that energy in possitive ways. She as of right now takes tap, jazz, musical theatre and ballet and she is in tae kwon do M-F. As of right now she is a purple belt. Before summer ended she was on ridalin, zyprexa,and lythium. We took a summer break from meds. She did very well, but when school came around she didn't have the focus or attention so we are trying her on ridalin again, hoping that is the only med she will be taking. She is a wiz in math and a great reader and loves the computer and can work on the computer for hours and hours. The only catch is that no one else is to be in the room with her. I'm having such a big problem when others around her thinking that she is not paying attention and being direspectful on purpose. She is very aggressive with her younger brother and seems like she enjoys hurting him and antagonizing the heck out of him. She has no friends, no one invites her over or calls her. I've tried everything from inviting girls her own age over (one at a time) and trying to make it fun so they will want to come back. I try telling them that if she says mean things that she really doesn't mean it and that she really does like them. I also go as far as telling them that if she hurts their feelings, to tell her so. I want to put her in social skills class (I feel like a failure not being able to do this) so she can learn to get along with other and to treat them nice. She is such an outcast in societ and it hurts me tremendously. I guess that is why I put her in so many dance classes and tae kwon do, to learn to be part of a team, besides excercise. Also with tae kwon do, the more she puts into it the more she gets out of it. She is currently a purple belt and the tae kwon do center in which we belong is absolutely wonderful, very family oriented and the masters are working with me on disipline, respect, and on focusing. I think out of everything I have done for her, putting her in tae kwon do was the absolutely best thing I could have ever done for her. The masters understand our situation and are wonderful. I guess my concern is will she ever fit in with society? How can I help her more, are there courses of social skills around (with other children)? I don't want to have to set up her whole social life for her the rest of her life, I need to find a way to help her more. She is still young (8) enough to set up social situations, but what about when she gets to be in her teens, I don't want her to be isolated from society. Any suggestiona and advice will glady be accepted or if there are any known support groups in which you think might help please let me know. Thanks!

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