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Posted by Susan on January 17, 2000 at 17:48:17:

In Reply to: Re: ADD 10 year old? posted by Mary on January 17, 2000 at 12:12:01:

: : I left a message last week on Atend with no response, I will take that as a it has no credibility reply. We went to the pediatricion on Friday with out my son for a conference. The doctor read the Connors test from the teachers and my wife and I, he said it looked like my son probably has ADD. We have an appointment with the school phsycoligist next week. Our son in our eyes simply has problems in a couple of subjects at school, even the teachers notes say he is well mannered and a pleasure to have in class. It seems to us that you can pick any problem you are having with a child and find enough criteria for ADD. How do you really know? By the way our pediatrician told us he has ADD and all three of his kids have it as well, his kids all take ritlan and the oldest is 23 and in college.Thanks for any information

: I am not familiar with the conners test but am familiar with the Tova test for ADD which my son has. The tova test involves using a computer type screen and testing reaction time as well as other factors. They also asked my son questions and I had a medical type form to fill out regarding his behavior etc. when I took him for testing. Seeing the results of this type of testing even opened my husbands eyes as to just what was going on with our son. You may want to consider asking your doctor if he can recommend a facility that does such testing to help you make a more conclusive judgement as to whether you son truly has ADD or just some other problems. Hope this helps you.

I have a son who is currently 10. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was at the end of 2nd grade. The school psychologist was with him one on one for evaluation of another problem and noted that he wasn't able o miantain focus with her. I had been saying he had a problem since he was a toddler but no one listened. He is not a behavior problem in school so no one felt he had a problem. I am not sure about the testing but I took him to a child developmentalist and he was evaluated. He has been on Ritalin since the third grade and his focus and behavior has improved wonderfully. I do not have a zombie like child either.

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