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Posted by Joanne on January 18, 2000 at 23:59:15:

In Reply to: Re: 9 year old ADD? posted by Sue Persons on January 18, 2000 at 18:09:19:

:I am the mother of 2 ADD kids, one is a 17 yr. old son, and a 10 yr. girl..Both had problems at school, my daughter being the "hyperactive" one and my son the total daydreamer..I tried pycnogenol, ginko, ester C..changing diets, changing my approach and almost drove myself nuts. I thought I loved them too much to drug them..My point is..they responded well to the medicine, Ritalin..both are doing great in school and are only on low doses..My daughter no longer feels like she is stupid, and now loves school. The natural approach may work for some, but for now, mine need the medication and I no longer feel guilty for giving it to them..i should have done it sooner.
You mentioned Pyconogenol in your message. Pyconogenol is pine bark extract. A friend of mine was encouraged to try it but it was costly. He found a different antioxidant that has pine bark in it along with grape seed extract and red wine(no alcohol). Both he and his 18 yr. old son control their ADD using this antioxidant. I am willing to share more but want to abide by the rules of this message board. Contact me at [email protected] I'll share all I know!

: : Everyone seems to want to cover their --- and some generally want confirmation from others as to their position. That does not make them bad and in fact many are quite caring. However, the alternatives to medication are not at this point as reliable as the medications. However there are alternatives. We are now trying Welbutrin, which is considered milder than some of the others. In addition the same Dr. has us using Pycnagenol (spelling?) and fish oil capsules.
: : The reason for the medication is to eliminate problems at school. If a child ends up in a program for problem students then that is a label they carry. To medicate or not is a tough choice for a loving parent.
: : We had blood work done and were advised that there were aspects of the results which indicated that we should control every childís favorite food, carbs. We are doing that as well. We intend to eliminate the meds in the summer and see how we are doing with the other programs that are continuing during the meds. We are also looking at neuro-biofeedback. This is a lengthy project if you are looking at alternatives, as much of what I find on the net is something being sold by someone without any true documentation.

: :
: : : I am going through the same thing my son is 6. There is no hyperactivity and he is fine accademically. They can not make you medicate.He was tested by the child study team at school to see if they could pick up anything. They did not and he still can not focus, his attention span at school is not there and he comes home every single day with his work not done. The alternatives that I am working on are his diet. He mostly eats carbs; pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets, waffles, pancakes, cereal ect (he does have a well balanced meal at dinner) I have read alot about how the diffrent foods affecting our abilities and I have had him tested for vitamin deficiency's. There are alot of suppliments out there its just that where do you start.

: : : Good Luck

: : : Sue

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