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Posted by Edlyn on January 21, 2000 at 21:35:27:

In Reply to: Re: 8 year old with ADHD posted by debbie on December 20, 1999 at 08:38:56:

Our son is 12 years old and has adhd. We have gone through the different types of medication but Adderall at only .05mg built tension and anger over a period of a few weeks, Ritalin gave transitory tics and the rebound was awful (when it starts to wear off). Dexetrine seems to have the best result for attention only. We are now using Neurontin, a medication originally intended for seizures, but has found to work miracles with mood disorders and for those with chronic pain problems. This wonder drug has not been linked with kids with adhd, but here in Los Angeles there are a handful of psychiatrist on "the cutting edge" and go beyond "textbook" approaches which the pediatricians and family practioners usually stick to. Its not really their fault, but if you want help for a specific problem, go to the specialists not the family doctor. They just don't have the experiences and training needed for complex mental health treatment. Neurontin works as a mood stabilizer (excellent for bi-polar)and is not toxic as is lithium, therefore no blood tests are necessary. It's impossible to overtreat as what the body doesn't use is peed out. Nothing remains after a few hours so dosing needs to be 3x daily. Ask around and find out which doctors are using this drug and if they would be comfortable treating a child with adhd with it. Good luck and if you run up against a wall try a teaching university as they research new things all the time and there will usually be at least one or two excellent doctors there.

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