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Posted by Melanie on January 22, 2000 at 22:18:44:

In Reply to: Re: Problems with School System posted by Ron on November 15, 1999 at 22:22:17:

: : Does anyone have any advice for dealing with a school system. They are not being very helpful with the resources that my child needs. They want me to medicate him and I consider that a last resort. He is not a behavioral problem just cannot stay focused. I am activly looking into other solutions to help him but they are treating me like I am dening him something he needs. I would not consider myself a good parent if I did not look at all of my options. He is not a typical ADD child which leads me to believe that maybe there is another alternative. They are shutting me out because I am persuing other options. He was diagnosed 3 months ago and they say they have tried everything to help but its not working. Three months is not very long and they have definatly not tried everthing not even scratched the surface.

: : Thanks for any support!

: Nicky
: As to how to handle the School System, be aware that they are trying to force you to put your child on a HIGHLY addictative, Class II narcotic with almost identical effects (and side effects) as Cocaine. The DEA has declared it the "most widely abused drug on the school grounds."
: My advice is - you don't need a doctor, you need a Lawyer. There is a web page that you need to read. It was written by Fred A. Baughman Jr.,MD and is called "Immunize your child against attention deficit disorder". You can find it by searching on the author's name. In it he also references an article that says it is a violation of the Constitution to force medication to regulate a child's behavior.

: Remember, addiction begins with ADD!

I am going through the same thing. My son was diagnosed through a very general "assessment" test that was handed to his teacher and myself. My son isn't hyperactive either, just can't focus. We found out he is farsighted!!! And because our health treatment of choice is Naturpathic, we found he is hypoglycemic. We've changed his diet and he is taking herbal remedies which have helped a lot! He's still having problems focusing, but his attitude is much better. The schools? What a mess! Ritalin was the first suggestion they gave!! It is very frustrating. I feel shut out by the teacher. She acts as if she feels sorry for my kid because of his "ADD." He has never been diagnosed by a doctor, just the school's general assessment!!! It has been the fight of my life! We are seeking counseling for my son, and continuing on the Naturpathic treatment program. It's working, it just takes time. Just thought I'd let you know there are other parents out there who relate, and feel the same way about using a Cocaine derivative on our children. Even the scientists have no clue exactly HOW or WHY Ritalin or other psychotropic drugs work. Keep fighting on!!! You're not alone.

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