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Posted by Melanie on January 22, 2000 at 22:35:14:

In Reply to: Re: Basic ADD/ADHD Facts for parents with children diagnosed ADD/ADHD posted by Susan on December 07, 1999 at 12:14:47:

: I was upset with what you wrote because it sounds like you don't believe that ADHD even exists. I agree with you that you should exhaust all other options before using medication, however I think there are instances where nothing else works.

: I don't want the parents to feel that they are to blame in anyway. The school systems tend to blame the parents for the disruptive behavior of the child. Other parents think that the parents just need to discipline the child. I just wanted her to know that it's not their fault and that if nothing works but to medicate the child. then they should do it.

: : While what you have to say regarding your son may well be the case. My point here is try NON-addictive treatments first. If medication is considered, it should be the last ditch effeort if behavior modification and counseling are having NO effect. There is absolutely no statistical indication the ADD/ADHD chilren do better academically or learn better or retain more - only that thew are calmer and more focused. The point of all of this is to help them, not anethsatize them!

I have a 7 year old who was diagnosed by a school psychologist's "assessment" test. Ritalin was their first suggestion. We tested his eyes. He is farsighted. He is also hypoglycemic, which affects his attention span. We've changed his diet, and things are improving. The school is not happy with my decision, and I'm still feeling pressure even though improvements are unfolding even now. The whole ADD thing is a huge drug-pushing scheme, if you ask me. We use Naturpathic medicine and see a very well respected Naturpathic physician who is also a licensed MD. Seek the alternatives to psychotropic drugs, I say from experience. Use them as the issues present themselves. Our next tactic is counseling - my son might be bipolar or have oppositional defiant disorder or any number of other things, but he's NOT ADD!!!
Just thought I'd share. :)

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