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Posted by wanda on January 23, 2000 at 22:41:02:

In Reply to: Re: dealing with school system posted by Terry S. on November 07, 1999 at 08:36:30:

: : If anyone can offer advice to dealing with a school system that is not meeting my sons needs. He was diagnosed with ADD 3 months ago. They were helpful last year during all of the testing but he is not eligible for special ed because he did very well on the tests. Now that I need them to accomadate some of his needs they want me to put him on medication. He is not a typical ADD child which leads me to look into other causes of his inattention. I am activly persuing other options outside of the school (diet, vitamins, allergies...and the school is breathing down my throught to medicate him. They are shutting me out because I am persuing other options and I am totally frustrated with thier repeated efforts to treat me like I am dening him something he needs. He is 6 years old. He is not hyperactive in any way he is not disrupting anyone he needs more attention at school and they refuse to give it to him because he does not qualify for special ed.

: : Thanks for any help anyone can give!

: Nicky,

: You say your son is six years old and is not a typical ADD child. Just to clarify,
: there is no typical ADD child! They all are different and respond to meds differently.
: He is only in first grade? He is not disruptive but non-focused. He tested well so he
: is not eligable for SPED. Have you seen a pediatric neurologists? Your son is only
: six years old maybe it is the adjustment to school that might be his unattentivness.
: For someone to say he has ADD and the school wants to medicate
: him dosen't seem right to me. I don't know all of the facts but if he is happy in
: school what's the big deal? What specific problems does he have in his class?
: Is he getting bad grades? Anyway, you are the parent, what you say goes. If
: the school is pushing you, get your doctor in on the situation. Does he want your
: son on medication? Your community might have an ADD advocate. I have never
: needed one but they might help you. Also at your school if they have a teacher
: that knows and deals with ADD. Even with a slight case of ADD your son falls
: into the LD category, Learning Disabled. They might just need to take him out
: of his class for a little while during the school day just to get LD services.
: They teach kids study skills and a bunch of different things to cope in
: school. If the school won't do anything you throw the law into
: their face! When he got tested they had to send you the paperwork
: on your rights with the laws. I'm probally wrong but I think it's the 504 law.
: Go to the ADDA site to get the specifics. I hope this helps.
: Terry S.
The Virgina law states that the school systems have to help your child check into section501 of the laws or write to the National education board to find out the rights of a child with a disability. I did that's how I found out about SECTION 501

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