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Posted by Mary on January 24, 2000 at 09:48:56:

In Reply to: Does my son have ADD? posted by Rose on January 23, 2000 at 21:11:01:

: My seven year old son is a day dreamer. He is highly distracted and even eating meals is a chore for him. He is at the table at least 1/2 hour after everyone else is finished. Many times we catch him just holding is fork and daydreaming. He is in Grade 2 and is not doing well. He is definitely not at the level he should be. He finds school boring and is extremely hard for the teacher to motivate. I just had a meeting with his teacher and the school counsellor the other day. They recommended that I take him to the family doctor to get a referral to a Pediatrician so he can be assessed. We have an appointment this week. It takes so long to get into see a Pediatrician. For those of you with ADD children, does this sound like your child? My son is not hyperactive. He is very mild mannered and a very pleasing child. I think that he has low self-esteem as well which I contribute to his poor academics. It must be tough to be that far behind the rest of your class. It is affecting his social skills as well. Help! I feel heartbroken and helpless right now until I see the Pediatrician. Any words of wisdom will help.
: Rose

My son too is a very well behaved and well mannered child. The drifting off in class as well as the poor fine motor skills and clumsy large motor skills was the tipoff that my sons special teacher noticed. She was the one who asked if we had ever considered ADD. I had always thought of ADD as ADHD even though I am an LPN. We took in and had him tested for ADD and yes that is what he has. As soon as his one teacher suggested it I went on the web though and found as I read about ADD I kept saying to myself WOW that's my son. The tova test as well as the other tests they gave him showed conclusively that he has ADD. Be sure that they do adequate testing on your son as so many of the posts I read here sound like the child wasn't really tested much at all for ADD and the just based on signs and symptoms a diagnosis was made. Do a search for ADD on the web and do some reading while you wait for the testing appointment and see if you don't find your son in the descriptions you read. Good Luck.

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