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Posted by Barb on January 29, 2000 at 09:14:50:

In Reply to: Re: Son picks at fingers while on Ritalin Is this a side effect? Dr. says posted by Wanda on January 25, 2000 at 22:08:45:

: : : Our son picks at his finger and under the nails while taking the Ritalin.We have watched him while at home an not on the Ritalin an we don't see this, even his teacher has notice this an mention this it to me on several occassions. I ask his Doctor about it but he said that this was not a side effect of Ritalin. Does anyone else see this in there child while they are taking Ritalin? Any help would be greatly appreicated.

: : Our son has been in treatment for many years...
: : .in our case he constantly needs to pick at something..
: : .if it is not his fingers it's his toes or nose or sores......
: : he does this with medication and without.....
: : comparitively to the ADD complications,
: : this is a very minor side effect or behavoior we wish to treat.
: : you know the saying....pick your battles.....
: : we did once......
: : we constantly reminded him not to pick and it got much worse...if you can handle it/ignore it if the ritalin does what is needed for the ADD.

: Thanks Catherine for the response. I found that we just ignore the picking unless it looks like he's fingers are getting really bad then we say something to him I was just wondering if he was the only child that does this while taking the Ritalin now I feel a little better to know that he is not the only child that does this while on it.The Ritalin it working for his A D D as he has been on it during the school time for 3 years now but this years was the first year we seen the finger pickin.
I know exactly what u are talking about. My son started the same thing after being on Adderall for 3 years. His pyschiatrist put him on an antidepressant called Effexor and that stopped. I hated to add another medication, but he was picking at his skin, fingers, etc. He was making himself bleed. We also switched him from Adderall to Ritalin and have seen drastic changes in his behavior for the BETTER!!! Thank God something is helping.

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