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Posted by DI on January 31, 2000 at 11:24:34:

In Reply to: ADD posted by Kat on January 31, 2000 at 10:15:33:

: I am pretty certain that my 9 year old daughter is ADD. I am not sure about getting her tested because
: of all the stress she has been under lately with the school testing her for pull out help. They are pulling her
: out of class 2 times a week for 30 minutes (a joke) to help her with comprehension. She is also now
: getting Title I help, which is one on one 45 minutes in the morning at school 3 days a week. Also my son
: Speech therapist is working with her and trying to train me to help her. My daugter has trouble with:

: Paying attention, sitting still, staying on task, very insecure, no confidence and can never complete her
: school work. She is very slow and really struggles with school. She has a brother (4 years old) with
: autism. She has alot of bladder infections and took her to a childrens specialist and they said she has
: a high count of calcium in her urine. We are limiting her calcium intake to 100 mg. a day. I wonder if
: this is a sign of food allergies. She is such a special little girl but has a problem with weight gain (only in
: her stomach). My speech therapist that works with my son is working with her now and trying to help her.
: She thinks since my daughter is so sensitive that I should not do any more testing on her and she will
: try to help her. Not sure if giving her the label (ADD) is the right thing. My daughter says she is tired of
: being tested and we really can't afford anymore testing.

: I was wondering if anyone could give me advise on food allergies. Her brother is on a GF/CF diet and
: is doing great on it (really has helped him). When I talk to her about this diet she cries and begs me to
: please not make her do this diet. She loves dairy products (milk, icecream, cheese and cottage cheese).
: We have an appointment with my sons allergiest (which is a DAN doctor, for those who know this is good)
: and he says he can help her. I have talked to her alot and she is willing to give this doctor a try.

: Would love some advice on food allergies and ADD. Has anyone else had any luck with diet? I know of
: the Fiengold diet but this sounds kinda of hard and I want to find out exactly what allergies she has first.
: Also, wonder about a yeast overgrowth (she was on alot of antibiotics as a child for ear infections).
: Also, am wondering if anyone has tried EPD?

: Thanks,

: Kat

It does seem overwhelming when all the testing is going on doesn't it? I have an 8 year old boy who has
both ADD and food allergies as well as Sensory Integration Dysfunction. SI is a processing disorder
similar to a mild autism which has symptoms of speech delay, motor function delay, poor social skills
and some similar symptoms to ADD (fidgiting, inattentive, easily distracted etc.). When my husband
and I first started trying to figure our son out we were overwhelmed by all the testing going on. Because
a lot of the symptoms of all these things overlap we felt we needed to test for all of them. Believe it
or not the easiest of all the testing is the ADD because it is based on parent/teacher/ and doctor
personal evaluations. I strongly urge you to do the allergy testing right away as well because we have
seen an amazing difference in our son since he started treatment for his allergies. His treatment
consists of injections once a week and a modified diet. He does also take Ritalin, which was a very
difficult decision for us but the benefit far outweighs the concerns we had.

We did try to pace all the testing so our son wasn't too overwhelmed but we never let it lapse for
more than a month, and I am glad for that. In hindsight it was a lot but our son has benefitted so
much from all of it. He now is getting all the proper treatment, medication and therapy he needs
and has become a wonderful student as well as a happier boy. I would recommend testing your
daughter as soon as you feel she can handle it because I think maybe some of her issues are just
symptoms of what the real problem is. Though the testing is hard I think she will benefit in the long
run. I hope I was of some help.


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