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Posted by Mary on January 31, 2000 at 23:22:08:

In Reply to: ?'S ABOUT ADD-9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER posted by JONNIE on January 31, 2000 at 13:43:31:

: Hello to all I'm looking for some advise regarding my daughter, she is 9 yrs. old and is a really wonderful kid loving, caring, intelligent and for the most part a great kid. However there are some problems. We've had these since she started school but it seems they are getting worse ie..the mornings in our household are getting terrible, they have always been rocky-she hates;getting up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, finding her stuff (you know the stuff she said she had together the night before) she misses the bus alot so we take her which is not a big deal to us anyway. But, getting her going is so hard and it turns into a battle everyday and trust me we have tried all the suggestions we've received from getting ready the night before,limiting choices to 2 but she gets the final choice. She would rather stay home yet once we get her to school she is okay with it. She actually likes parts of school and performs well in the things that can catch her attention. Her recient report card was c's c-'s and an A. Teacher says she is a delight an added bonus to the class but she just doesn't apply herself.
: Along with these things she is forever losing or forgetting everything from socks to her bike. She is ultra sensitive and gets frustrated so easily and then there is the boredom factor.I could go on but I'll stop and ask for your advise.
: I have had a couple people lately mention that she has some traits of ADD and am turning to you the "experts" who have lived it for advise. Do I test? Wait? Talk to her? Do I take her to her pediatrition? A therapist?

: I appreciate the help,
: Jonnie
Talk to her her teachers to see if they are having any problems with her staying on task in class and if they see any signs of ADD. The next step if you suspect ADD is your regular physician to ask him for a referral for ADD testing if the teachers strongly suspect ADD. Judging from what you wrote here I would tend not to think ADD since the teachers indicate she just doesn't apply herself. Every day is a real hassle in our house but none of the caos like you mention is due to my ADD child. ADD involves more than just not being able to get it together or forgeting where you put something. It involves not being able to stay on task, often very poor small motor coordination or control and needing more one on one help with things due to the inability to stay on task. The big clincher for my son that made his LD teacher suggest ADD was when she stood by him while observing in his regular class he kept working on his own. As soon as she moved on to watch some of his classmates, when she came back he hadn't done another thing on the paper he was working on. She was the one who ? if we had ever considered ADD due to this as well as his poor small motor and large motor skills etc. Hope some of this helps sort things out. Personally your child sounds pretty normal to me.

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