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Posted by Mary on February 03, 2000 at 11:06:49:

In Reply to: ADD posted by Daniel on February 02, 2000 at 16:18:35:

: Am I the only person who believes A.D.D. is overdiagnosed? My nine year old son scored in the 99th percentile on a reading comprehension test given across the country. However, he has been abruptly labeled as an A.D.D. student simply because he sometimes forgets his homework and occasionally daydreams in class. His school teacher wants nothing to do with understanding his problem, if there even is one. She simply states her argument with one word, Ritalin. Understand, I am not saying that all these A.D.D. kids are not having trouble in school. It just seems to me that school officials are pushing Ritalin because they lack the patience, knowledge, and skill to deal with students who make them work harder than they wish to work. I also believe that too many parents refuse to accept that their child's problem may actually be caused by outside forces and not from some neurological malfunction. Once again, it is simply easier to just say Ritalin. Am I alone?

Yes ADD can be overdiagnosed but with proper testing at a qualified testing clinic I don't think this would happen as often. I don't think anyone should be labled ADD without proper testing. Any one can have lots of signs and symptoms of one disease or another but you don't know for sure if it is the disease you suspect until medical testing proves it. If they are any real questions of ADD take him in to you physician and see if he/she recommends testing for ADD or not. Ritalin is not something that I personally feel should be prescribed without a confirmed diagnosis to support the need for that drug or any other drug. I also commend those that have had success with alternatives to drugs. Good luck.

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