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Posted by Mary on February 07, 2000 at 10:39:50:

In Reply to: Concerned Child care provider posted by onekulemom on February 06, 2000 at 18:04:31:

: I am a provider fo a 4 yr old boy. I have done child care for 7 years, and I have seen many and many "bad" kids. I dont beleive any child is actually "bad", I am just using this term as a way to describe a child with a behavioral problem. This little boy I am watching is not "bad" he just dosnt listen or sit still. I want to tell his parents maybe have him tested, but of course they think there child is perfect and just acting his age. I am considering dropping him from my day care due to the difficulty I am having with him. I have cared for him for four months, he was kicked out of 3 other centers and his parents think it is just he is ment to be in family care instead of a center, not that anything can be wrong with the child. I dont know how to approach them and explain that it dosnt mean something is wrong with him, he just may need some medical guidance. I am not sure if ADD is what he may have, but I have seen many children and this is the only thing I can think of. SOme of the things he does on a daily basis are....and yes these are normal 4 yr old behavior...but he does this in excess and to a degree I have never seen. He climbs uncontrollablly, on my stairs, sofa, tables, games, cabinets, anything he can climb and jump. After time out he continues. He cant even sit a time out for 2 minutes unless he somehow turns himself upside down and sideways in the chair. He cant sit for a meal, every 2 seconds he gets up to run in the other room or under table or somwhere. He wont go to the bathroom, he will hold it until to late, or he crys when I make him go. Nap time he cant go on a cot because he has to put his feet under and kick it. Something always has to be moving. His language is poor, in both speech and the words he chooses. He calls kids bad words and he bites. Hitting and hair pulling is common. Not sure what to do with him?? I have the option to pass him on to another provider but this problem will just continue and continue. How can I tell parents to get help???

I think you need to think of the safety of the other children in your day care as well as your personal belongings. I would consider talking to the parents and asking if they have ever considered the possibility of ADHD as he tends to show signs of this. Do research on the web so you can be knowledgable as to the signs. Tell them something has got to be done with his behavior or you may have to refuse to care for him do to the safety factors for the other children as well as the fact that you cannot afford to have him wreck your furniture. I would tell them this ahead of time so that it puts the ball in their court so to speak. This lets them know that they either have to do something about his behavior or else find a new daycare provider. Good Luck.

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