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Posted by Mary on February 08, 2000 at 23:28:21:

In Reply to: What's my problem? posted by Matt on February 08, 2000 at 15:23:06:

: For nearly two or three years I have been going through phases of depression. Sometimes I get extremely sleepy and other times I can't sleep. It is very strange that sometimes it causes me to laugh about the whole thing. At times I don't care for my own life but I have never attempted suicide(that's a plus). I am finding it hard to concentrate in school and my grades have dropped quite a bit, even though I am a very intelligent person capable of making straight A's. I randomly get a sickly feeling and feel like crying for no reason and just want to be by myself for hours at a time. I'v been on the internet for quite a while and have been talking to people who experience similar things and were put on medication. I find myself being happy only when I drink or do drugs. I'm a casual and responsible drinker and never overdo it. It seems to be the most helpful thing when I am depressed. I smoke pot every few weeks for the same reason. I'm just a bit concerned that I have to resort to this just to keep myself from feeling completely down and hopeless(Please note that I did not drink or do any drugs before this problem arose). I have never spoken to a doctor or psychiatrist about this or even my parents. My parents would think I am full of crap if I brought up the subject. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
: Thanks.

You say your parents wouldn't believe you if you tell them you are suffering from depression. Have you tried to tell them?? Why not talk to your school counselor about all of this. One thing you can try is St.Johns wart which any store that carries vitamins and the like would have. You sound like you have highs and lows which can be a sign of bipolar disorder but that is something a doctor would have to decide. Drinking and pot can have lasting side effects so I don't think this is the way to go since it doesn't take care of the problem. You can have flashbacks from drugs years later after you quit doing drugs. These can mess with your mind and in the long run eventually cause you to do something stupid like suicide. I am speaking this from the personal experience of my late brother in law. Drop the drugs and alcohol and face you problems head on. Good Luck

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