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Posted by Ekraft on February 09, 2000 at 21:30:29:

In Reply to: Re: Son doesn't "fit-in"...therefore posted by Mry on February 09, 2000 at 09:22:42:

: : Hello... First time posting here....was told recently by teacher that my son should go to doctor with checklist for ADD.
: : Progress reports show lack of using time wisely or productively....
: : He scores well in all areas excluding which he fails to complete tests.
: : He is a 3rd grader. In G/T classes and I am wondering why the system is so bent on labeling and medicating kids for being kids....
: : He is not the kind of boy that likes baseball, but rather the type to take stuff apart, and put back together. He is on the lazy side, and the school wants to label him as ADD, but I don't understand why?
: : Is there anyone that can help me to understand their way of thinking, or how to deal with them on what they want out of my son?
: : As far as the checklist, or it seeming to look like he may have ADD, I think that it shows more of a Self-Esteem problem than anything....which I can totally understand...But should you medicate a young person for such a thing?
: : Any comments are appreciated

: First of all don't be so quick to think he doesn't have ADD. My son is also bright when it comes to certain things like computers and has an awesome memory. I would never have even suspected ADD if a teacher hadn't suggested it for the things they were noticing in school. Why not take your son to the doctor and ask for a referral to a clinic that tests for ADD. If he does have ADD no one says you have to medicate as their are altenatives to try. Wouldn't it be better to get him tested and should he have ADD give him all the help you can?? Would you not test your child for something like diabetes just because "you don't think they have it"?? I for one had never given ADD a thought for my son as I always thought of ADD as strictly ADHD. Good Luck.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this...I am taking him to the doctor. I am not saying that he isn't having difficulties with attention level. Obviously, since he won't complete a test , he is. But he is also choosing what he won't complete... And it's not consistant either....His tests were fine before Christmas, but slacked off after the break.
If i thought that the doctor could take a blood sample to test him for ADD.. I would, no doubt, have him tested...I don't want him to go through psychological tests if there isn't a need for it.
I said this before, that I may have researched alittle too much in this topic and maybe I am just having doubts about what ADD is really about.

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