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Posted by Wanda on February 09, 2000 at 23:08:35:

In Reply to: Problems with School System posted by Nicky on November 06, 1999 at 22:50:34:

: Does anyone have any advice for dealing with a school system. They are not being very helpful with the resources that my child needs. They want me to medicate him and I consider that a last resort. He is not a behavioral problem just cannot stay focused. I am activly looking into other solutions to help him but they are treating me like I am dening him something he needs. I would not consider myself a good parent if I did not look at all of my options. He is not a typical ADD child which leads me to believe that maybe there is another alternative. They are shutting me out because I am persuing other options. He was diagnosed 3 months ago and they say they have tried everything to help but its not working. Three months is not very long and they have definatly not tried everthing not even scratched the surface.

: Thanks for any support!

I am a parent of a child with ADD & I too am having to fight with the school system here in Va. to try to get help for my 3rd grade son who until this year was doing good in school even though he had ADD and is taking the Ritalin (for now,we are checking into other help at this time)I have even had his teacher changed this year because of her attutide an her not wanting to give up any of her extra time to help with his problems,I ask the principal of his school to put him in a special reading group to help with his reading troubles only to have him tell me they didn't have any room for him, my son is supposely reading below grade level, Well I went to the assist. principal who did get the reading teacher to test him only to have them to tell me he was at grade level but read a little slower than kids his age,I cann't understand how one can say he is reading at grade level but to have him marked down on his report card as not reading at grade level. I personnal think the school systems are uneducated about children with ADD/ADHD so I e-mail the state senator here in Va I ask him to stop using the tax money to give these so call educated teacher raises but to use it to educate these uneducated teachers about ADD/ADHD and to help them able to teach these children with more understanding of their disablities. Maybe we all need to let the local goverments know how we feel about the school systems and there treatment of our special children, they deserve a education like any other child who doesn't have a problem.And not have to be labeled as bad or problem children.But most of all we are going to have to realize until schools become more educated about ADD/ADHD we will have to FIGHT FOR ALL CHILDREN AS NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR US AT THIS TIME.

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