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Posted by Sue on February 18, 2000 at 12:49:48:

In Reply to: Hey Sue are you still out there posted by Kat on February 17, 2000 at 12:37:51:

Hello Kat thanks for the response I have seen
some improvments from the diet his eating habits and bowel habits mostly nothing yet to help him focus in school though. Besides being gfcf he is on a high protien low carb diet. The tests I had done were amino acid urinalysis, polypeptide urinalysis, hair sample and some blood work. He tested really high on casein 11 times normal and was diagnosed protien malnutrition and leaky gut syndrome. He is on amino acid powder combo from the test and a good multivitamin, calcium, magnesium, DMAE, Phosphtidyl choline, permeability factors, protien drinks, enzyme sups to help him digest and I will be starting cod liver oil and flax soon! Its really been hard doing all this I hope it works. I actually have thought that I have seen improvments in his schoolwork but of couse the teacher says no improvment. I hate my school system I have to fight for every little thing for him and they still dont follow their own 504 plans.
I am really glad to hear the diet is working for your son is your daughter on it to? Any improvments? My sons main problem is just focus to do his written work at school. Not hyperactivity. I am really trying but my doc tells me I have to do the diet for 1 1/2 years!! That is really long. When I see improvments I hope it gets easier. Its been 1 month so far.
Write me any time I always need to vent!

ut my allergist (whom is
: wonderful) is very open to everything and never argues. He has helped my son (w/ autism) so much and
: I trust him. He said is expertise is ADD and ADHD and promises that he can help my daughter. He
: did say that he would argue till the end of time on Ritalin. He says it is just banaide therapy and does
: not get to the root of the problem and cause long term problems. He says do not use ritalin. I was
: so happy because I feel the same way and more towards natural things and diet.

: A year ago my son (3 years old) had no eye contact, severe bowel problems, no words, severe
: behavior problems, no comprehension of anything and didn't even no me). Well thanks to prayer, and
: this doctor my son is a new kid. He has good eye contact, very little behavior issues, good comprehension
: and talks all the time. My son knows me and so loveable. I have him in a Early childhood school and
: they are shocked on how much he as changed in 1 year. They have told me that they have never seen
: such improvement with a child as severe as my son was improve like this. I have parents calling me
: all the time wanting to know what I did to change him. All I do with my doctors help is;

: 1. Lots of testing to see what was going on with his body (blood chemistry analysis, urine test, hair test,
: stool test and a few others).

: 2. My son takes many supplements that were recommended after his test (about 12 a day) plus is on
: a GF/CF diet.

: 3. Speech therapy 4 hours a week and 1 hour week of o.t. therapy.

: Even my therapist have said they have never seen a child improve as much as my son. Taking
: supplments and this diet has been the best thing ever for him and our family. I hope that I can find the
: same results/help for my daughter.

: You talked about trying to get a support group together. I wished you lived in Missouri because I would
: love to do this. I hate my school district and I fight with them all the time and will continue to do so until
: I get what my daughter needs.

: By the way a year ago when my son was diagnosed with Autism I was told he would never talk, and never
: be able to take care of himself. Boy they were very wrong. I hate some doctors. If I could write better
: I would write a book on my son and all of his changes and what I have been through in the last year.
: There is so much people can do but just don't know how or where to go. I never gave up and I will never
: give up on my daughter. My children are my life.

: If you ever want to vent with me like I have with you my email address is:

: [email protected]

: Thanks,

: Kat

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