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Posted by Kathie on February 20, 2000 at 09:03:14:

In Reply to: Re: Adults on Adderall - What's It Like? posted by rena on February 16, 2000 at 01:31:47:

: : I have just started taking Adderall and am building up to a dose that works for me. Currently on 10 mg in the morning but I don't feel any different. I do not have hyperactivity, but from things I read it should be easier to stay on a task and thoughts should not flit around so much. I want to hear from real people! I know it can take awhile to find the right medication and dosage, but I want it now!!! LOL

: : Please tell me your experiences.

: : Janet

: Janet
: I have, through trial and error, found that if I take 20 mg first thing in the morning and then 10 mg around 2:00 in the afternoon, I can concentrate well and not have the difficulty falling asleep. My experience after being diagnosed and, reluctantly, taking the prescribed medication, was that all the background noise I have always heard quieted down and I could focus on one note. I can sit at my desk and not be distracted by every phone call down the hall or every movement happening around me. Be careful that you eat regular meals, though, as I can go most of the day and realize I missed lunch because I was not at all hungry. Good luck!

I have been on Adderall for over a year now and found it helping me tremendously. I am taking it for depression. Before Adderall I could not function at a productable level. Every day was different and as time went on I could only do the miminal to get by. My husband was frustrated with me and I was with myself. I have a family history of depression, drug abuse, addiction, add, allergies and severe asthma. My doctor said I didn't have add after lots of investigation and said with my family history depression is rampant. I started taking 10mg of adderall a day, in the morning and it was like the fog was lifted and I could function. After a year I felt confident enough to get a job and I am handling work and family life very well and haven't been happier. Sometimes I feel well for consecutive days and don't take the medication and when I start to notice a disfunctional day I start the meds and I am fine. Sometimes I just take it three or four times a week and not on weekends. I am always trying to eat healthy and stay active outdoors and this helps also.

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