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Posted by Brian on February 22, 2000 at 11:48:31:

In Reply to: Re: A.D.D. and Adderall posted by Tink on February 03, 2000 at 11:52:56:

: Hi - I am on adderall for ADD (24 year old female) and I also have an addictive personaliy that has shown its face with drugs, alcohol, relationships, etc. Anyway, I am on adderall and my doctor knows my situation. I take 10 mg at 7am and 10mg at 2pm. FIFTY mgs is VERY high. What about the possibility of taking the adderall at the regulated dosage (usually no more than 20mgs a day) and ADDING an anti-depressant such as wellbutrin or zoloft? I am the same way about not being able to get going, but the adderall shouldnt be getting you going...thats not the point of fact, you really want to be at a dose that you dont feel wired up and like you are on speed. That means you are taking too much. And by all means DO NOT UP YOUR OWN DOSAGE.....not only because it is unsafe, but because it is a vert highly regulated drug and if you take your whole little bottle and finish it a week or two early - your doctor and the pharmacies will not be able to fill it again until that time frame is up. Believe me, you dont want to be in that situation. Talk to your doctor and be totally honest. Thats the only way you will ever really get better is by being honest with your doctor and following his or her advice TO THE LETTER.

: : well, i have been diagnosed with a.d.d for which seems like quite a relief for me. but the whole medicine situation is still confusing. i take over 50 mg a day of adderall, which is exceeding the typical dosage. my doctor is concerned and i am too. i have tried lower dosages but they do not seem to work. my doctor wants me to go get tests done (EKG and all of that fun stuff) because she knows that i have an addictive personality and she is afraid i may abuse the usage of adderall. she wants to put me on a tricyclic medicine, which is not a stimulant. personally, i feel as though a stimulant is the only thing that actually gets me going. i have been depressed for such a long time, that i actually feel happy and worth something when i am on adderall. my doctor has tried to cut down my dosage but its not working, so i increased it myself. anyone else have a problem with their dosage? and has anyone built up a tolerance???
: : -christine

--I have been searching for information on the possibility of tolerance to aderall, which I believe I am building up. This is of great concern to me because Aderall is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I know my doctor won't up the dosage forever, if at all.
I'm 18 years old and I've been on aderall for about 3 monthes. Anyone with info about tolerance, respond please.

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