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Posted by Kat on February 22, 2000 at 12:46:22:


I have not started a diet with my daughter yet. I did order all the stuff regarding the Feingold diet but am
not sure what I am going to do yet. Yesterday we started allergy testing. We have done hair test and stool
test but have only gotten the results back from hair. We are still waiting on stool. Will be doing blood
work next and some more allergy testing. They did say she was slightly allergic to milk, egg and very
allergic to cane sugar. She is very upset because she thinks she can never have sugar again. I am
a little confused about cane sugar. I wonder if she can have equal, or natural sugar (like in pure maple
syrup, honey or fruit). Do you have any idea? I have an appointment next week to go over her hair test
and I do not understand them. They were totally opposite of my sons's. My daughter is not really
hyper but is always restless when sitting in a chair but never bouncing off the walls. Her main problem
is staying focussed in school. She look at the teacher when she is talking but just day dreams and
cannot stay focussed. Her hair report said:

Uranium High
Patassium low
copper low
Manganese low
chromium low
selenium low

Do you know what any of this means? My son has been on Sernaid for a month now and has had alot
of improvement. I am going to talk to my doctor about his thoughts on Serenaid for my daughter (ADD).
We go tomorrow to get her lable, which I am sure is ADD. I hate labels but I need to make sure there
is nothing else going on. Did your son have abnormal peptides? If so, he might benefit from Serenaid.
Do you treat any of your sons alleriges? Have you heard of EPD? My daugher had bowel problems
until age 3 (constipation) but has none now. What kinda bowel problems does your son have?
I hate my school district. We are thinking of holding her back and putting her in a private school.
My allergist told me of a Christian school that helps kids with ADD & ADHD so I am going to check
it out. Talk to you soon.


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