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Posted by Shelley on February 23, 2000 at 02:07:05:

My son is 11yr old and in the resource department since 1st grade. He has an extremly high math testing and is way ahead of the others in computer science. My problem is we are having a tough time with increaseing his reading skills. It has been hard to find boys books that he will read that he finds interesting. He is in 5th grade and reading at the third grade level. He is very fortunate that he is observant and every thing he hears he learns. He does fantastic in lecture's and doing work at his reading grade level. He is easily embarassed by peers teasing him and was tought early not to fight or bully.(At the age of five he brused his younger brothers kidneys and needless to say CPS beecame involved, that is how we go his diagnosis) He is on Ritalin 30mg daily. He has gone through resource at the public schools from grade 1-4. He was making slow but steady progress. In 3rd grade we experience rapid growth in our area and class sizes were up to 1/36. That year was terrible on him. He actually had some regression and qualified for summer school. 4th grade, the classes were back down to 1/28. Once again we had three apartment complexes open during the summer before 5th grade. In anticipation I did some research on Charter schools. I put him in a Charter school that was opening this year for the first time. The class sizes were to be 1/20. WOW - looked hopeful because the private school that this company ran was well rated. This Company even sold ther stock on Nasdac.(recently deleted due to the financial standings) Unfortunatley the Corporation is having extreme financial difficulties. Needless to say, our classrooms don't have enough books, so resource gets no text books. They have readers, and I have even donated his old books to help increase the library. At the IEP review this was noted and requested that books be recieved as well as papers from subject related classes be sent in for assistance or shortened for his ability. I got his progress report, guess what he has an F in Social studies, F in Science, and for the first time ever a C in Math( they are doing word problems). They still have no work coming in and no textbooks!! I thought I was helping him but now I feel like I have hurt him and the whole situation is making me wonder if I shouldn't switch him back. I have tried to call Corporate with no return phone calls, and yes I have discussed this with the principal and all of his teachers. The bad thing is that he really feels comfortable around his peers for the first time in years. He is invited to go do things more often, goes to parties, even has a girlfriend. He is playing sports and is extremly successful there also. He dosn't want to change schools. Isn't there someplace that I can order school books for him, I would even pay myself. I don't want him to get further behind - any suggestions?

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