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Posted by Dawn on February 23, 2000 at 20:40:19:

In Reply to: Re: Public school staff inflexible with ADD child, can you help? posted by Mary on February 11, 2000 at 10:36:58:

: : : : I have a 9 year old daughter with ADD. My wife and I have all but pulled out our hair because of the struggle we have had with the public school. My daughter does quite well when she's on the medication but she still has trouble getting things done and remembering things. We have had some trouble getting her to school on time, sometimes it doesn't matter what time we get her up or how hard we try to get her ready on time. She has also had to serve in detention because of being late, then she forgets to tell us that she has detention on a certain morning and so the school punishes her (and us) by making her serve two detentions instead. There must be some kind of accommodations the school could make to help us out. Has anyone else had the same problem?...There must be some kind of rights that the ADD child has for these kind of problems. Can anyone help me out???

: : : Your child is protected by the american disabilites act but I am not sure this would help in this situation. I go through the same thing with my ADD child but his school does not use detention for being late. One thing I would do is talk to the school principal to find out what purpose this policy serves and explain your situation and ask THEM for suggestions or a workable plan. This puts things in their lap so to speak. Have you consider a checklist sheet aka tracker sheet with things that need to be in order before your child goes to bed. On it would be things like is your homework in your backpack?, are your clothes laided out for tomorrow, Is your cereal poured in a bowl for tomorrow. These things would have to be checked off each night by your child when she gets ready for bed. Hopefully if you had enough things done ahead of time all they would have to do is put on their clothes, eat breakfast and go. I know for a fact that life is not as easy as this but wanted to offer this suggestion. Hope some of this helps.

: : I have a son who has ADD and we are having a problem with the public school systems in our area as far as helping with his ADD and getting the extra help he needs. We have a assignment notebook in which he writes down his homework assignments each day and the teacher signs this book to say these are his assignments but we have had trouble with the teacher wanting to take time to sign it she has told him if he was more responsible than they wouldn't need to have this notebook,I felt like slapping her and saying get more education on children with ADD/ADHD then maybe you would see that this is part of his problem by having ADD. We are now running into the problem of the school not wanting to put him in a special reading program as they say he is read at grade level but the teacher said different on his report today, she said he is below grade level.So what do we do with these ADD/ADHD uneducated teachers?I personally have e-mailed our congressman and ask him to take the money they want to give these teachers as a raise and use it to educate the teachers on how to help children that have ADD/ADHD and show them these children deserve a education just like any other child gets while in school. So keep fighting for your child's right to a good education without having to be punished for something that isn't her fault!!!

: As I said in my above are protected by the American Disabilities act. Your school HAS to give your child the help he needs. If they don't I would talk to the principal or the superintendent of your schools and remind them of the fact that they are REQUIRED BY LAW to provide the help he needs in accordance with the American Disablities act and that if they don't give him the help he needs you will do whatever is necessary.

You need to contact theUS Dept of Education, Office for Civial Rights web page These people do not mess around and they will get your child the help that is required by law. I know I used them. Good Luck

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