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Posted by Fran Lutz on February 26, 2000 at 10:38:10:

I have a 14 yr. old son who was diagnosed with ADD only about 2 yrs ago. He has all the side-effects of not being diagnosed earlier, from low self esteem to frustration in school and life. We're now dealing with a child who had become so frustrated and feels as if he can't do anything. His behavior has deteriorated both in school and out. We have a psycologist and a family doctor who work together on medication. We're in constant contact with the school. He has an IEP that the school decides when they want to follow, which keeps us in more constant contact. I'm sure you all know the senarios I'm talking about. We even have a lawyer we work with. My real question today is: Our son has recently started taking Paxil 20mg/day along with his ritalin. It's been two weeks today. Yesterday I was called to school because they were extremely concerned about his recent behavior (over the past two weeks). They were also informed of the additional medication before he started. He was very outgoing, talkative and interacted much more with everyone. Sounds nice, but he was talking in class, getting up for no reason, walking out of class, using the phones, etc. I called my doctor and he said his 'loss of inhibition' could definitely be caused by the Paxil and we'll cut down to 10mg/day. The other part of this is that he was also suspended for 3 days for touching a teacher--what he did was pass her in the hall, say hi to her, she didn't hear him, so he touched her forehead to get her attention. He was shocked that it was taken as anything other than a hello. He has no idea why he got in trouble for that. And I should also mention that he's in a serial detention mode. We have to schedule detentions because he has too many. They're all for lateness to class (usually less than 2 min.), missing assignments, missing other detentions, not having things know the list. I'd like to know what experience anyone has had with Paxil, with schools pulling this detention/suspension stuff, and any advise you can give us. My husband an I are willing to go the whole nine yards for this child and have not backed down when it comes to getting him support. We regret not having pushed for diagnosis earlier, but we didn't know. I kept having his reading ability tested (of course it was above average on a one to one basis), we went to counsiling for his behavior that was ultimately due to his missed diagnosis over the years, and even they didn't see it. I'm sorry this post went on and on, but I wanted to give you at least some backround. If anyone needs more information, just ask.

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