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Posted by Sue on February 27, 2000 at 04:04:02:

In Reply to: Re: out of the mists....out of the blue posted by Kim B on February 26, 2000 at 21:41:16:

I guess the idea of putting a sweet, friendly, bubbley personality on a class II drug scares the heck out of me.

There is no full time school nurse to even deal with a problem should it arise. Tales of mixed up meds abound.

From my own personal observation the kids I'm aware of on meds are all small and thin. My daughter is most likely to top out somewhere around 5'10. Her paternal grandmother was that size and I'm the runt at 5'6" with a lot of 6s for cousins.
Does anyone know what this stuff does to the older adult?? Has ritalin been used for an entire lifetime yet? Thinking on the long term here. What conditions might be attributed to the use of ritalin as a child that don't manifest itself until the senior years.
It's gotta do something to a growing mind and body. By it's very nature there's no way it can't.

I'm worried that the special education teacher would summarily nix the idea of a tutor to help her where she's off. My daughter is the type of kid that would eat that sort of thing up. She would love the attention and a chance to make a new friend. She's a little rough on me but a new friend she would aim to please.

This is a small school in rural New England, barely over 200 kids so I'm aware of an awful lot of kids that have been put on meds. The numbers here a very disproportionate.
This is also a school that refused to fix the ventilation problems in the building even when adults were found unconscious, children were getting nosebleeds, headaches. Went on for 6 years until parents filed a suit and the insurance company and OSHA said they were shutting it down. The regulated the air quality by opening windows. January in northern New England isn't the time to have a window open. Regs said the window had to open at least 6 inches the whole time school was in session. I know I had about 5 minutes in the building until I could start feeling the effects of low oxegen. Couldn't go there!
They fixed it over the summer finally because there was going to be no local school. That's kind of off topic but it underscores why I have no faith in what they are doing.

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