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Posted by Lea on March 01, 2000 at 16:40:13:

In Reply to: My husband is frustrated :o( posted by ADD wife on March 01, 2000 at 15:40:40:

My boyfriend has add so I understand kinda what you are going through, I do almost everything, but we worked out a plan...We seperated the chores between the two of us, to lighten my load, and we worked it on a specific day of the week, the days that arent too busy and tiring for the both of us, just work together, youll get through this, I do think you should see your doctor and tell him how your feeling, maybe he could prescribe you something to help...but until then if its possible exercise and eat healthy which will give you more energy. I hope everything works out, Im not a professional or anything but its just my advice hope it helps. Good Luck

: Hi everyone,
: I just received a call from my husband. He's been pretty down lately so I asked him what's wrong. He said he is very burned out by having to take on the responsibilities that I have neglected (bills, laundry, house-cleaning, etc.). I know I have much to work on in these areas, but I don't know HOW. He said he's feeling very stressed and he doesn't know how much more he can handle. I don't want to lose him as he has been my strength. I know my request sounds ridiculous. You're probably thinking "Just get your butt off the couch and pick up a little. How hard could it be?!" For some reason I just find it so difficult. I work 65 hours a week and have other health problems that cause me to be constantly tired. By the time I get home every day I'm exhausted and head off to bed. I'm not currently medicated (other than antidepressants). Would ADD meds help my issue?? Any suggestions as to how I can lighten my husbands load? I love him very much and it hurts me to think that I am the reason behind his sadness. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks so much!

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