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Posted by Annie's Mom on March 04, 2000 at 22:08:59:

In Reply to: personality changes with adderall posted by L Johnson on February 16, 2000 at 16:05:24:

: My daughter 8 years old, has been diagnosed with ADD and dysgraphia, her graphomotor skills are at 5 years and 10 months (as of Nov. 99). We placed her on Adderall after Christmas break. She currently is taking 7.5 mg. Her teacher has noticed little improvement but tutor has seen a better response. My question is since beginning the medication she has become more withdrawn and more defiant and does not want to go to tutoring, choir, or her piano lessons, she complains of headaches, does not want to eat, and also complains that all she does is work, work, work. However she has plenty of time to play with friends.

My nine year old daughter has been taking 15 mg. of Adderall daily for about 1 1/2 years. Her personality has also changed - but for the better. She is happier, more in control of her temper, and more loving/affectionate than before she took Adderall. The symptoms you are mentioning sound like "rebound" - the effects of the medicine wearing off at the end of the day. Annie sometimes gets headaches or gets crabby/defiant/argumentative between 4 and 6 in the evening, as her brain "changes gears" as she calls it. As the meds wear off, her brain works differently (again, her words) and she "thinks faster, about more stuff at once". I have learned to be more relaxed during this time period, and to try to get homework done right after school. I try not to schedule anything stressful during this time, so she can "veg out" most days as she switches gears. We found that soccer and ballet are okay after school, because she enjoys those activities, but religious education was a huge fight. So now, she goes to rel. ed. on Sunday mornings instead of Tuesday afternoons. You need to accomodate her changing brain activity during this time of day as much as possible. It does get easier,though. Annie has settled down enough, and learned to handle the rebound enough, to help me take her sick grandparents to the doctor at 4:30 in the afternoon without a single complaint. Good luck!!!

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