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Posted by Ekraft on March 14, 2000 at 09:22:36:

In Reply to: Re: ADD, disease, condition or excuse? posted by Michelle on March 08, 2000 at 11:00:03:

: : I read this article about ADD and wondered if anyone else feels this way. Here's how it reads:

: : ADD has never been found to be a disease with a physical cause. Instead, it turns out to be a grab-bag of behaviors which teachers and parents find objectionable in children. Add to that actual nutritional deficiencies and toxic additives and to vaccines and medical drugs, to pesticides and herbacides, hormones from dairy and animal products, to excessive amounts of refined sugar, and you have what ADD actually is. A group of conditions stemming from various causes and combinations of causes which have been falsely welded together under one name with one treatment, Ritalin, a cheap speed-type drug.
: : This absurb ADD diagnosis and this treatment achieves several ends, if we stop looking at the world through rose colored glasses. It brings in lots of dollars to Novartis, which makes Ritalin, and it protects food corporations from giant liability in causing illness in children. It also lets teachers and parents off the hook...they no longer need to feel challenged or responsible for the way their children are acting. Leave it the the doctor--who, frankly, doesn't know what hell he is doing.
: : Does anyone agree with this?
: :
: :

: I do not agree and quite frankly I find your email offensive. I have add and I know it is a real disorder, considering I am 26 and have had it all my life. My symptoms have been better since on meds. Yes it is a medically documented disorder.

You are right that it is documented as a disorder. But it cannot be compared with a disease as some are trying to say. I agree that medicines may help some, I do not agree with giving those medicines to children after the so-called diagnosis. In some cases , diagnosis means that the team of teachers agree there is a behavior problem , then they suggest you take the child to your MD. Sometimes the testing stops there, and the medicine is prescribed. Done deal... Child has a filtered mind and all is well. Or so they think....This is not something I agree with. Just describing my own experience.
I would compare ADD with something more like Overeating. Easy for some to overcome, and not easy at all for others.

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