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Posted by caytlin m on March 18, 2000 at 21:25:37:

I was diagnosed with Add a few months ago and have tried Ritalin and Dexedrine since then. Ritalin worked fairly well, and the first few weeks of Dexedrine did also-- but after 3 weeks, I noticed that the 15-20mg dosage of Dexedrine did nothing for me. I increased doseage to 30-40mg about twice a day, and the effect upon my Add alternated between nothing, and too much. It became so that i was back to my pre-medication habits, doing poorly in school, no motivation, being hypersensitive and prone to rage, and switching frequently between feeling great and feeling very depressed. My family has a long history of depression and I have been diagnosed in the past with "mild depression" and done nothing about it. A usual year for me is alternately me feeling very happy and positive and great, and me feeling nearly suicidally depressed.
Like anyone would, I told my doctor about these problems I had, and with Dexedrine, and he put me back on Ritalin and gave me Celexa to try.
Since starting Celexa a week or so ago, I have been VERY depressed, more than I have been in years. I cry often during the day, for no reason, and I fear I am alienating my friends (which, of course, makes me cry more!) Nothing makes me feel good, I barely laugh or smile, and I only want to mope, cry, and sleep. Are these just my reactions to starting this new SSRI medication? I hate feeling this way, and the Ritalin isn't having any effect either. I am uncomfortable taking so many mood and mental drugs, and am wondering if I should just stop taking them altogether.
Any insight, help, medical advice--
thanks, Caytlin

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