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Posted by Debra on March 24, 2000 at 13:54:12:

To make a long story short, my son was diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago, he is now 12. To date nothing is working for him. The problems began when he was in preschool. The teachers said he was unruly, his relatives always bought him back home early because he did something wrong. I was in denial for quite some time, I blamed everyone else for treating him unfairly and not really understanding his actions. The catholic Schools saw him as a problem child and suggested medication. I removed him from the Catholic School System, and placed him in public school. The Public Schools saw the same problems but tolerated his behavior a little more (getting out of his seat, bothering the other children, and not doing his class work). With the poor grades I had him tested to see if he needed Special Ed. I was told no, he is general Ed, and with additional resource help (English and Math through an IEP) he would be fine. This did not help, While still in Public School I sought help form his doctor. He now sees a psycologist every two weeks, and a psychiatrist once a month for his meds ( he takes 20mg Ritalin twice a day, he was just increased from 10mg, he started at 5mg.). He sees his Pediatrician only when basic checkups are necessary. I am constantly at his school running interference between my son, the teachers, and his classmates. With all these measures in place he is still exhibiting behavioral and academic problems( he will probably have to repeat the 6th grade). I am lost as to what to do, I have thought about sending him to Military school (where discipline and academics are stressed). The meds don't seem to be working, maybe he does'nt have ADHD after all) However, I'm not sure that Military School is the best place for him, he could be placed in an environment where he cannot follow the stringent rules of the Military and matters may get worst. I think the best case scenerio for my son is a school that deals specifically with ADHD children. Not a school that babies him but takes his illness into consideration, has a trained staff to deal with it andand teaches him how to deal effectively with his studies and mainstream America. ANY SUGGESTIONS RE: ADHD SCHOOLS IN THE NEW YORK CITY SURROUNDING AREA WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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